How Many Of These Lesser-Known Cafes In Colaba Have You Eaten At?

Shaili posted on 21 March

 South Mumbai has its reputation of having the life, especially Colaba, that’s right down at the tip. So when there are places you haven’t visited to eat in an area that you know so well, you raise your eyebrows. Some of them are there, but ignored, while others aren’t as popular unless you’ve come to know about through other people. Check out some of the places we discovered.


Located opposite Shiv Mandir, Colaba, Gables is well known for its unique Goan cuisine. Apart from that, you’re sure to find some interesting Chinese and continental cuisine. it’s not a very big set up, they can probably seat about 20 people at a time, but it’s worth a visit if you’re into Goan food.

With a very simple seating setup, this humble joint is capable of occupying up to 20 people at a time.

Don’t Miss: Goa sausage chilly fry and pulao, thalis


Fast Food Restaurants

Opp. Shiv Mandir & Petrol Pump, Colaba, Mumbai

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This Parsi restaurant is located in Colaba and has an old-worldly charm of the Bombay of the 1970s, and strangely {or not} the owners still like to believe they live in that era. While you get a menu that gives you an exhaustive list of options to choose from {Chinese and Indian}, you’ll find a sheet that says ‘Weekly Menu’ that has Parsi dishes for all days of the week. Pick any option, we’ve tried them all and have loved them.

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Casual Dining

Sindh Chambers, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai

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Kalpana Restaurant and Bar

If you want to have a drink in Colaba and are on a shoestring budget, then Kalpana is there to help. Unlike Gokul which went through a revamp, Kalpana has retained its look and gives you some great food and decently priced drinks.

Don’t Miss: Dal tadka and roti

Casual Dining

114, Ruby House, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai

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Kuai Kitchen

A tiny joint, just off Colaba Causeway, Kuai Kitchen is known to serve some gobsmacking delicious Chinese food. Mostly a delivery place, it has about 4-5 tables set up, with graffiti on the walls that add to the quirkiness of the place. Don’t miss out on their corn curd and California crab sushi rolls!

Don’t Miss: sushi, dumplings, pad thai

Casual Dining

16-A, Cusrow Baug, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai

Sunrise Snack Corner

Located near Colaba Post Office, this little eatery has always been known for its club sandwiches and has been around for more than 25 years or so. it has a lot of non-veg options and also serves quick food like puffs, rolls, samosas and burgers and sandwiches. They also serve biryanis, mince cutlets and desserts like apple pie, bread pudding, caramel custard and them some.

Don’t Miss: sandwiches and puffs

Fast Food Restaurants

13, Hampton Court, 125, Wode House Road, Near Colaba Post Office, Colaba, Mumbai

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This iconic restaurant, just opposite Electric House, has been around since 1957. Always packed, you can see diners walking in and out, some of them seated near the French windows that give you an interesting street view. Known for its Lebanese dishes and kababs, you’ll also find some Parsi dishes here to keep you happy, Italian and continental food also has a space in their eatery.

Don’t Miss: chicken shawarma, caramel custard