These Stirring Sticks Will Transform A Cup Of Milk Into Delicious Hot Chocolate

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What Makes It Awesome

Divine and delicious, Harsh Chocolates is a home confectionery that doles out artisanal chocolates and hot chocolate on a stick. What’s that? We’re telling you.

What began as an experiment in the kitchen has become one of our favourite things. Hot chocolate stir-ins. Harsh Chocolates sells chocolate rounds attached to a popsicle stick, and while you might be tempted to simply pick it up and pop it in your mouth, stop.

This chocolate on a stick isn’t just any chocolate that you'd munch on, which is what it seems. It has a far greater purpose — to transform into hot chocolate. Heat up about 130ml of milk till it’s hot and stir in the chocolate stick for it to become a good cuppa hot chocolate. Intrigued with a hint of excited? We sure are. They come in flavours such as cinnamon for that holiday mood. A set of 15 stir-ins contains all the flavours and gives you plenty of options to experiment. 

Anything else? While their chocolate stir-ins are the show-stealer they've got biscuit chocolate, almond rocks, white pot bag, sugar-free chocolate, chocolate brownie (it's YUM) and more. 

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All their products are 100% vegetarian and do not contain egg and are gluten-free.