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Topped With Bacon Or Loaded With Nutella, Our Guide To 8 Most Indulgent Pancakes In Mumbai

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There’s nothing more warm and comforting than the fluffy and humble pancakes. Out for breakfast? Pancake it. Out for lunch? Pancake it. Looking for a dessert? Pancake the hell out of it. And so to take our love for pancakes to the next level {as we must}, here’s our guide of the most sinful and indulgent pancakes in the city.

Double Delight Pancakes, The Chocolate Haven

The Chocolate Haven, a dessert parlour dedicated to chocolate, waffles and pancakes, they have a rather elaborate menu for pancakes. Our top pick? The sinful double delight pancake which is a vanilla and chocolate pancake, with chocolate sauce, stuffed with choco chips, and then topped with a generous scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream. Get your forks out champ, it’s time to dig in hard.

Price: INR 280

Smoked Bacon Pancake With Coffee Bacon Jam, Salt Water Cafe

One of our favourite places for breakfast dates, you gotta get your hands on the fluffy and super filling smoked bacon pancake. It comes loaded with chunks of bacon strips with a side of bacon jam.

Dish of the champions? We think so. Also, do try their banana and chocolate chip with walnut pancake (INR 320).

Price: INR 320

Korean Seafood Pancake, Bastian

Chef Kelvin Cheung’s star seafood restaurant, Bastian is a food hub for celebrities, and drunken brunches on Sunday. Here they have a Korean Seafood pancake which is gluten free and made with crepe. To add the Bastian touch, there’s calamari and prawns stuffed in. Savoury pancakes are a legendary and now you know where to get em.

Price: INR 650

Nutella And Banana Pancake, Jamjar Diner

Jamjar Diner does really good all-day breakfast, and this is where we go to get our sweet pancake fix often. Here they offer a two-layered pancake filled with nutella and bananas topped with a dressing of sugar and cinnamon. There’s nothing more we enjoy than a load full of chocolate and fruit mix to go.

Price: INR 360

Buttermilk Pancake With Nuts And Chocolate Chips, Smokehouse Deli

The cosy Smokehouse Deli has one of the most softest and fluffiest buttermilk pancakes we’ve had. Here you gotta go overboard, and we suggest getting chocolate chips along with hazelnut, walnuts and almonds to top it off for a sweet meal. It’s indulgent, and we love it.

If you're not a fan of chocolate chips, you could also opt for blueberries as your choice of topping. 

Price: INR 305 (Additional INR 50 for toppings)

Jack Johnson Pancake, Leaping Windows

When Jack belts out, “it’s always better when we’re together”, he really means it. Head over to Leaping Windows and treat yourself to this lovely Jack Johnson pancake made with caramelised bananas, topped with Madrasi coffee sauce and loads of whipped cream. Pancake and us, really do belong together.

Price: INR 280

Tiramisu Pancake, The Table

A delightful creation at The Table, this tiramisu pancake comes loaded with love and no guilt at all. This dessert cum pancake is made with mascarpone bavarois, coffee meringue, cocoa and then topped with amaretto syrup to make our humble breakfast plan to go to Colaba, worth it all. We definitely pay a steep price for it, but it’s worth.

Price: INR 630

Belgian Chocolate Buttermilk Pancake, The Nutcracker

The cosy and rustic the Nutcracker in Kala Ghoda is one for the keeps. Apart from their eggs Kejriwal, the buttermilk pancakes here comes with everything we know is underrated about the pancakes. Though you could go simple with their regular buttermilk pancakes, we love stepping it up a notch. Try out the Belgian chocolate buttermilk pancake, and know that heaven is right on your plate, patiently waiting for you to scoop it all.

Price: INR 355