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9 Quirky Things We Found On Linking Road That Every Girl Must Have

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Success is never served to you on a plate. The most you get, is an opportunity. And then, it’s up to you, how you seize it. When we started our search for gold on Linking Road, it somehow began on the same note. Lots of opportunities around, but we had to dig out the gold. And, if you look closely, you’ll find a lot of crazy stuff too.

So, here are 9 quirky things we found on Linking Road, which any girl would love to have in her wardrobe.

Edgy And Chic Skirts {Knitted, Pleated And Long} – INR 500 Onwards

Skirts, in our opinion, are one of the most versatile garments. The flow and the print can completely change your look, and this street has a variety of styles you can play with. From chic knitted skirts {INR 500 onwards} which are perfect for both formal and casual outings to long printed skirts {INR 800 onwards} with a lot of volume because of their foamy fabric can give you a very cute look. Pick your prints wisely and know the difference between classy and gaudy.

High Neck Felt And Velvet Crop Tops – INR 500

Crop tops can hardly go wrong. They are petite, they are cute and can do wonders if teamed perfectly with the correct skirt or trouser. We came across this collection of crop tops of soft felt fabric which had a velvety touch. The fall was perfect, the colour was perfect and they had a wide variety in prints too.

Ruffle Neck Dresses And Shirts – INR 300 Onwards

I personally have a thing for ruffle necks. They are so chic and they always set a statement. It was surprising to see some good options available at Linking Road. Chic ruffle dresses started at INR 1100 and ruffle neck tops, that would up your formal wardrobe by leaps and bounds, are available for INR 300.

Net Shrugs With Embroidery – INR 700

We came across a decent collection of gorgeous net shrugs with different kinds of embroidery, and both the quality and style kind of left an impression on us. The net was sturdy, which doesn’t easily get easily ripped. The collection was imported from Honk Kong and we didn’t mind buying a few of them to amp up a maxi dress or a simple shorts-tank top look.

Ethnic Maxi Dresses With Mirror Work – INR 500

Be it an occasion or a normal day at work, we came across an impressive collection of printed dresses that’d look good on a breezy day. Again, the trick is to get the right print. If you find the right fit, you might just find yourself in a very chic outfit.

Denim Dress And Patched Cargo – INR 300 Onwards

If you are up to bring some street into your wardrobe, Linking Road’s collection will not disappoint. Apart from a large collection of denims and sweats, we saw some really interesting cargos with patchwork {INR 800} which would look great with a black tank top and a really sexy denim dresses {INR 300} that’d look great with some sneakers.

Metal Cuffs – INR 100

You can wear them with full sleeves tops or pair them with spaghetti and ethnic long skirts, metal cuffs at Linking Road are versatile, stylish and under budget. You’ll see a lot of them with the jewellery vendors who move around the street with their cart, or even the small shops at the edge of the lane. Add some bold metal to your wardrobe to make things edgy.

Cute Clutches & Sling Bags – INR 200

If you are putting together an outfit, do not leave the market without completing your look with a perfect bag. They are cute, they are edgy and they are avant garde too. It will cost you just INR 200 to get a perfect sling bag or clutch to finish your look. Go through the small shops right at the beginning of the road, in front of KFC.

Statement Earrings & Chunky Pendants – INR 100 Onwards

Apart from the jewellery vendors who scurry up and down the road, there are a few jewellery shops at the beginning of the lane that’ll catch your attention. Rummage through their collection and you’ll find yourself with some bold statement earrings and chunky pendants that are too perfect to not buy.


DO NOT forget to bargain. Seem as disinterested in buying things as possible and they’ll reduce the price. Also, if you need to pick some footwear while you are at it, get out of the Linking Road and take a left, only to find a whole lane dedicated to footwear.