Online Pharmacies To Bookmark In Case Of Emergencies

Sure, all of us have tons of chemists in our hood. However, in times of uncertainty like lockdowns and quarantine, it's always advisable to make use of technology - especially when our health's concerned. 

So, here's a handy list of online pharmacies that you can rely on.


1mg is India’s leading healthcare platform, with over 150 million users over 1000+ cities. They cater to all medical needs, consultations, diabetes, fitness and supplements, Ayurveda requirements, homeopathy and requirements to prevent Corona Virus.

Apart from ordering medicines online, you can also consult with doctors for free on their website and can conduct a lab test at your home or a verified lab near you.


Pharmeasy has a great user base on its website which makes it super easy to navigate and find what medicines you need. They have over 50 lakh customers and licensed partners to prescribe medicines. They assure quality and you can order according to your prescription as well.

#LBBTip: You can also subscribe for monthly refills of your medicine. 


At Netmeds, you can buy medicines according to your specific health concerns. They have different sections for liver care, stomach aches, kidney care, and lung issues. You can also take advice from their certified health care experts. They also have various informative articles explaining how to take care and precaution for various illnesses and how to prevent getting the virus. 

Med Life

Med Life has made the process of selecting medicines and delivery easier than most. You upload a valid doctor’s note, receive a confirmation call and get the medicine delivered at your doorstep. If you do not have a prescription, you can type in the medicine’s name to get its price and availability checked. You can also get health checkups, full-body checkups (with or without vitamin checks) with several parameters checked, and consult a doctor online as well.

Apollo Pharmacy

This pharmacy has an array of medicines, healthcare, mother and baby care and nutritional products. You can also upload your prescription on it or shop according to health concern filters made by them. They have special packages for each need and devices such as BP monitors, first aids, respiratory aids, thermometers, supports and braces all available on their website. You can also get Holland & Barrett products.