Go Kayaking And Butterfly Spotting At This Secret Picnic Near Mumbai


    Blue Bulb, an experience and travel start-up based in Mumbai, hosts secret picnics for the adventurous – just a little distance away from bustling Mumbai.

    Destination Unknown

    A little knowledge isn’t always a dangerous thing – trust Blue Bulb on this one. In this case, all we have to do is pick a date, let our friends or family in on the plan, and show up at the pick-up location, which is Nalasopara. After that, these guys will take care of everything. Serving up some Enid Blyton-style charm, Blue Bulb set up cute hammocks and swings under big trees, have an option for kayaking on the lake, or splashing in the stream, and give us more than enough material for our mind and Instagram feed to capture. The expedition includes some short trekking and swimming as well for the fitness-minded. Blue Bulb will also set up tents, and take the participants kayaking – as well as provide life jackets for the same. The treks include flora and fauna watching under the guidance of a trained instructor, butterfly spotting and photo-ops.

    So We’re Saying…

    Gather a group, carry your own snacks, close your eyes and remember – adventure is out there.


    They do not provide food or water, so remember to pack a big basket for yourselves. Where: Pick-up at Nalasopara {Off the Western Express Highway just 30 mins from Borivali} Time: 9am Duration: 7 hours for the full-day picnic Price: INR 7,199 for a group of no more than four people; INR 9,999 for a group of no more than 10 people Book your tickets here, and find out more here.