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Pork Cooked With Snails, Spicy Salads & More Authentic North-Eastern Grub At This Hidden Eatery

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What looked like a small restaurant turned out to be heaven for food lovers. Thotrin Café, located in Kalina, is one of the best places to visit for authentic North-Eastern food. Ready to be surprised?

The Fresh And Authentic Flavours

We ordered a few of their signature dishes and were blown away by each of them. Starting with Iromba {INR 80}, which was a spicy chutney like side dish made with mashed potatoes and fresh chilis, we moved to Escargo And Hoksa {INR 225}, which was pork cooked in bamboo shoot with snails. We also ordered chicken cooked in bamboo shoot {INR 210} and Sinju {INR 80}, which was a spicy salad made with fresh herbs, chickpeas and veggies.

The food is beyond delicious. The flux of flavours it can create in your mouth makes you appreciate its simplicity and uniqueness at once. They don’t follow any set recipe and cook with the seasonal ingredients, which makes it all the more exclusive. The menu is very authentic and you can taste the herbs as if they were freshly picked a few hours ago.

We are pretty sure that the dishes are incredibly cheap and value for money is off the roof.

Friendly Staff

The three-month-old restaurant is run by a family from Manipur. The dining space is small, cozy, air conditioned and has a very homely feel to it. The staff is extremely friendly and sweet. Ashim, who was serving us that night, even showed us the freshly picked ingredients before cooking our meal.

The place is open all week from 9:30am-11:00pm.

So, We’re Saying…

If you are a big foodie and looking to bestow your pallet with some amazing flavours, you know where to head.


Do ask the staff to suggest the best dishes based on the seasonal ingredients. Also, they cook the meal to your liking so you can tell them how spicy you want your food to be, or any other preference.