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This Homegrown Brand Is Acing Healthy Snacks And We Know Why!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Healthy snacking is the new cool! Literally! I don't remember coming across so many healthy snack brands when I was growing up. For us 90 kids, it was mainly Lays, Pringles (which we ordered from our folks in the States), cheese crackers and a few other options here and there.

    Baked chips, keto snacks or energy bars is something we're now seeing on our Instagram feeds. And we're welcoming this trend with our arms wide open. Just like many of the other healthy snack brands, we spotted yet another one - called Bites Of Bliss. Well, this one's true to its name. Started by Ashnu Nichani, this snack brand attempts to give you the ultimate healthy gourmet experience. These guys offer a range of preservative-free energy bars, cereals and muesli, crackers and more. They've even got some really delicious eggless brownies, quinoa brownies, caramelised sesame almonds and flavoured nuts. Now, if you're like me - someone who loves jams and spreads, but always feels kinda guilty knowing the sugar content that comes with it, well they've got a cocoa hazelnut butter spread which is vegan, sugar-free and yet so YUM!

    Their pricing starts from INR 350 and upwards.


    If you have any other specific requirement, feel free to ping the founder. She'll be happy to assist you. To place an order you can also message them on their social media channels or shop from their Facebook page. Got folks staying abroad whom you want to send these to? They'll help with that as well. 

      Available Online