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Bye Bye Rashes: Brands To Swear By For Organic Sanitary Pads & Tampons

    Menstrual hygiene is a topic that has been taboo for the longest time, but now, thanks to mainstream cinema talking about it, and online groups spreading encouraging messages, we've all started taking it seriously. 

    Today, menstrual hygiene in its own right has become an industry of its own, with a number of products available for women such as sanitary pads, menstrual cups and more. Some manufacturers have even taken the organic route, and we profile such market players that are making sanitary napkins that you can shop online.

    Saathi Pads


    Available on LBB

    An online portal that sells sanitary napkins, Saathi Pads says that the products are made out of banana fibre and are 100% biodegradable. Inspired by improving women’s access to sanitary pads in the country, Saathi buys banana stems from local farmers (which after harvesting are normally discarded). So, their initiative is beneficial both ways - environmentally and socially. 

    What We Love: Biodegradable, monthly subscription services, bleach-free to avoid rashes, made using natural material. We love the convenience of buying these sanitary napkins online.

    Cost: INR 180 (for packet of 8 pads)


    This ‘three-in-one’ organic sanitary napkin claims to be anion-powered. According to the company's website, “the negative ions from the strip move up the womb through the vagina, improving blood circulation. This facilitates smooth discharge of blood clots in the vagina and repairing of the womb.” This, they say, improves bacteria resistance and prevents any inflammation.

    What We Love: Scientific innovation, herbal and organic, different sizes of pads in a pack for the entire cycle. You can shop these sanitary napkins online.

    Cost: INR 199 (for a pack of 10)


    Pure + Organix = Purganic

    They've a line of all-natural feminine hygiene products, which includes sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners. What really caught our fancy was that they are hypoallergenic, pH compatible with delicate vaginal skin and also have a waterproof plant-based backing. Plus, you can shop these organic sanitary napkins online.

    What We Love: Organic and biodegradable, high quality, naturally absorbent.

    Cost: INR 350 (for a pack of 10)


    Ecofemme provides washable cloth pads, how cool is that? Unlike disposable sanitary napkins, they can be washed and re-used for years (yes, that’s true). The pads are made of natural material – cotton – that is biodegradable and healthy for women’s bodies. Interestingly, they also have menstrual cups (which we’ve been dying to try).

    What We Love: reviving the traditional practice of using cloth, reusable, environmentally sustainable, multiple layers of protection.   

    Cost: INR 260 (one cotton pad)


    Claiming to use only organic and natural materials that meet the highest environmental and biodegradable standards, Organyc’s pads are 100% certified organic cotton inside and out. However, they are slightly more expensive than the others, but we’re willing to pay the price for quality products. Interestingly, they also sell tampons, panty liners, baby wipes and an intimate wash.

    What We Love: Secure hold, multi-layer to avoid leakage, breathable and extremely soft. We love that we can shop these organic sanitary napkins online.

    Cost: INR 405 (for a pack of 10)



    Available Online

    Apart from their innovation and better product design, the best part about this brand is the deep level of customisation they offer. Thus taking feminine care to a whole new level. Select your own assortment of pads depending on your flow - light, medium or heavy. You can also opt for their subscription wherein you just need to share your period details and pads will be delivered just in time. So, no last-minute emergencies. You can stop the subscription anytime and opt for one-time delivery as well. 

    What We Love: Hassle-free disposals, better-designer pads, customised packets, amazing packaging, rash-free. 

    Price: INR 169 (for a packet of 12 pads)



    Available on LBB

    Have too much or too little to help your period? Carmesi has custom packs that you can subscribe to. They’re all light, but are quite solid when it comes to doing the job. We’ve tried it ourselves, don’t worry. Your custom box of pads will come with colour coded individual ones so you have the best experience. 

    What We Love: The fact that you can customise your box based on your flow. So you can get five of one size and five of another and use accordingly. 

    Price: INR 249 (for a box of 10 pads)

    Goli Soda

    Goli Soda is doing good work when it comes to curating sustainable products. They have a range of colourful, easy to use, organic cloth pads and panty liners that are reusable. Using cloth instead of plastic, and buttons and velcro instead of synthetic glue, these will last a while. And they’re comfy and easy to carry around (no crinkly announcements when you open one). Get a pack of one (day or night), four, or eight (for the whole cycle!), or panty liners and feel your life change.  And you can get it on LBB too!

    What We Love: The comfort of cloth, and the fact that it's reusable. This is one way to add organic sanitary napkins to your monthly routine.

    Price: INR 245 (for a pack of 1)

    The Woman's Company

    A company for women, by women, they have a range of products that women will use and love! They make pads for teens and adults from organic cotton and biodegradable materials (including packaging). One box comes with 12 pads, so that should last at least one cycle depending on how heavy your cycle is. Also find standing pee sticks, panty liners, razors, and menstrual cups. The pads are available on LBB Shop

    What We Love: That the pads are dioxin and chlorine free, so no chances of infection from the pads!

    Price: INR 320 (for a pack of 12)



    Available Online

    For natural, toxin free, organic, rash free, plastic free, and biodegradable pads. With no synthetic chemicals Heyday’s pads are made with bamboo, and corn pulp. The plants are in fact grown in chemical free soil. They’re designed to be soft and absorbent. Even the covers and boxes are made in an environmentally friendly way. Basically good for you and the environment too! You can order panty liners, pads, and baby diapers from Heyday too!

    What We Love: Everything is natural - from the chemical free plants, to the packaging. 

    Price: INR 195 upwards (for a pack of 14 pads)

    Pee Safe

    Pee Safe

    Available Online

    Yes, the name is meant for other functions of the body, but they make great sanitary napkins too. Making organic, biodegradable, cotton pads and liners. You get regular, overnight, and packs for your whole cycle. They also have subscription packs if you like their products. Pee Safe also has menstrual cups, toilet sprays and standing up pee sticks. They also have biodegradable disposal bags, so no guilt!     

    What We Love: Their combos! They have a monthly care pack which includes cramp relief oil. 

    Price: INR 299 upwards (for a pack of 10 regular pads)