Long Lasting Perfumes Under INR 1,500 To Attract Good Vibes Only

    Ain't nothing like a great scent, to make you feel like you've got this. Like you can ace your work day/interview/date, you know? Perfumes, though, are usually SO pricey. Bigger brands can have you loosening your purse strings a lot more than you'd like, so we've compiled a list of perfumes under INR 1,500 which smell great, and last super long. Read on!

    Azure Eu De Toilette: If You Like Refreshing Scents

    Azure Eu De Toilette


    This EDT from Fragrance & Beyond has a refreshing citrusy fragrance that lasts through the day. If you like aqua fragrances like Cool Water, chances are you'll like this one.

    Curating Stories of India Perfume Set: If You Like Mixing It Up

    Curating Stories of India Perfume Set


    If you don't like committing to a single fragrance right away, we feel you. That's why this set from A Fragrance Story is great, you get to try out 4 of their signature fragrances and if you like one in particular you can always go for the full-size bottle.

    Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume: If You Like Dabbing Perfume On Your Pulse Points

    Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume


    This one is both pocket friendly as well as travel friendly. Just rub the solid balm on your pulse points and refresh through the day. It's free from harsh chemicals so it's better for the environment and your skin.

    Femme F1 Eau De Parfum: For Heady Floral Notes

    Femme F1 Eau De Parfum


    If you like floral fragrances that settle into deeper notes over the day, then this one from Ambrosial - Fragrances Of Heaven might be just right for you. Spritz on and refresh as needed through the day.

    Super Oud Unisex Perfume: For Those Who Like Woodsy Fragrances

    Super Oud Unisex Perfume


    This is an all-natural fragrance that's non allergenic. This one has woodsy notes from the natural oud fragrance and is great if you're not a huge fan of florals or citrus scents.

    Dew Travel Fragrance: For Those Who Are Always On The Go

    Dew Travel Perfume For Women


    If you like floral meets citrusy fragrances in pocket-friendly travel size, Dew is a great option. It's light with deeper notes of sandalwood that we love.