Cat Lovers, Unite: 5 Products You'll Want To Add To Your Cart Right Now!

    Cats are the best. There's no arguing about that. Sure, they might be sly at times, might not give a damn about your existence or even, your mood. But, that's what makes their personalities so amazing and make us fall for them even more.

    And ailurophiles like you and me will shower them with love (even after being rejected for the billionth time). #RIPSelfRespect. Not just that, we also go all out by having their prints and faces on all our daily stuff. From teacups to accessories and from bags to home decor - don't be shocked if you enter an ailurophile's room and find all things with cute cats on them.

    Being a mad cat lover myself, I've always been a fan of hoarding cat-themed products and am thankful to Shop On LBB for spoiling me for choice with some of the most amazing cat-themed products!

    Here's a list of our favourite cat-themed products from the LBB Shop:

    Coolest Cat Beaded Necklace

     Beaded Cat Necklace

    Beaded Cat Necklace

    ₹ 950

    It's kind of impossible for you to wear this amazing piece on your neck and not get asked "hey, this is so cool. Kaha se liya?" The tiny beads give a beautiful finish to the cat motif and we love it. This can be paired with casual attire like basics, plain tops or dresses. 

    Price: INR 950

    #LBBTip: Keep it simple. If you pair this with heavy patterns or prints, the purpose of the necklace may just get lost! 

    Cat-Themed Sneakers

    Embroidered Cat Paws Patch Sneakers

    Embroidered Cat Paws Patch Sneakers

    ₹ 1950

    Well, now this has two of my favourites in one product - embroidery and cats. Absolutely no reason not to add these to one's cart. With a cat-themed embroidered patch, these monochrome sneakers can be paired with casual outfits. Think a pair of denim skirt, plain dress or shorts. 

    Price: INR 1,950.

    Printed Cat Clutch

    Cat Print Quirky Clutch

    Cat Print Quirky Clutch

    ₹ 999

    An amazing bright pink clutch with a cool black cat print is sure to grab eyeballs. It comes with a detachable chain. If like me, you hate carrying huge totes and prefer tiny bags, this is the product for you. This clutch is spacious enough to carry all your essentials including money, cards, gloss, tissue, sanitizer etc. 

    Price: INR 999.

    Socks With Cute Cat Graphics

    Set of 5 Hue Cats Loafer Socks

    Set of 5 Hue Cats Loafer Socks

    ₹ 599

    Now, ask any cat person, and they'll probably be happy to show you their collection of socks with the cutest cat prints. Thela Gadi is a local brand we love for their amazing graphic prints, great fabric and pastel hues. Grab this set of 5 amazing cat-printed socks with cute pastel shades. 

    Price:  INR 599.

    Bright Red Cat-Printed Pajamas

    Lazy Cat Printed Red Pajamas

    Lazy Cat Printed Red Pajamas

    ₹ 1990

    Just as lazy as your cat and love lazing around in your pyjamas all day? Then these are apt for you. Comfy, quirky and cost-effective. We also hear that this brand uses waterless printing, to reduce water consumption in the printing process. So, brownie points for sustainability. 

    Price: INR 1,990