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Hack The Theka: Where To Get Alcohol Post 1 AM In Mumbai

It’s midnight, and you’re still not drunk, and if you are, you want to continue drinking. Unfortunately, Mumbai’s 1.30 am rule is a major party pooper. So we decided to look up places that will be your boozy comrades for the late night pick ups, or delivery for the party that never ends.

These places generally have a loyal clientele, so some places may refuse if they don’t know you yet. But go on, place your first order and be a customer for life. It’s not the list Mumbai city needs, but the list it deserves.

It’s one of our oldie but a goodie recommendations. A SoBo favourite, Gokul is that one local bar everyone goes to at some point in their life for two reasons, cheap booze and cheap booze. It may take a bit of convincing on your part to get alcohol delivered home past midnight, but once you’re a regular, that’s your go-to-place post midnight.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 3 am

Partying in Bandra, and don’t want to step out? That’s fine. Just call up Deepak wines and they’ll deliver to your doorstep. Deepak’s will also deliver food and pretty much anything else if we ask nicely and tip well.

Keep in mind, they might take a while to deliver on nights that they have a lot of orders, so keep checking in on your order with a phone call or two.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 4 am

Another one of the suburban gems, Pinky wines offers late night delivery/or pick up option for the party enthusiasts. Their repertoire tends to be slightly limited, so we would advise that you follow our suit and keep your orders basic.

Delivery/Pick up: Until 1.30 am

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