Bookmark This: Joints You Can Call For Late-Night Munchies (Quarantine Edition)

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Late night food delivery: it’s what has saved us from our hungry stomachs on multiple occasions. Whether you’re working late, sleepless, or just stumbling in after a long night, we have rounded up delivery joints for every neighbourhood to satiate your midnight cravings. BTW, these are up for delivery during this quarantine.


Go Biryan

This Lokhandwala joint is great for hitting both the chicken biryani and veg dal makhani right on the sweet spot.

Delivers Till: 3:30 AM 

Yalla Yalla

Hit them up for your dose of hummus, pita and some me-time. Their shawarmas and falafels are so soft and on-point too. 

Delivers Till: 3:30 AM 

Silli Chilli

Make your own wok with Silli Chilli. They have some great as- is options, and our favourite is their Kung Pao Chicken. 

Delivers Till: 1:30 AM

Whatta Waffle

We love Whatta Waffle as their waffles don’t make you feel super heavy and icky after eating. They are light, balanced and just the correct amount of sweetness. They also give complimentary whipped cream in really cute packaging. 

Delivers Till: 3 AM


Smokin Joes

Great for filling pizzas, Smokin Joes is open and up for delivering your fav pizzas. 

Delivers Till: 5 AM



Burgzooka is your call for amazing burgers which would receive an 'Exceeds Expectations' on our test. Try their cheesy chicken burger and thank us later. 

Delivers Till: 6 AM

Dark Night Kitchen

Get some quality Mughlai and Malwani food from Dark Night Kitchen. We personally recommend their soups. 

Delivers Till: 5:30 AM


The most filling thing you can order from here are the rolls. Also, these guys are from Bandra but will deliver till Andheri with a minimum order of INR 1,000 and even farther as the order increases.

Delivers Till: 6 AM

Night Owl

Dumplings, momos, chilli chicken and hakka noodles. Made you drool, didn’t it? Order in your lockdown cravings from Night Owl. They also have exciting exclusive dishes which switch daily

Delivers Till: 4 AM

Tossin Pizza

Pizzas, what a concept! You get heaven in each bite, and with Tossin, you’re bound to have a good late-night snack. Order in their calzones and delectable pizzas for your next late night snack. 

Delivers Till: 6AM

Goila Butter Chicken

We miss Goila’s Buttern Chicken Gravy and Naan Bombs, and we were more than excited when we saw they are delivering, not to mention, as the wee hours of night when the cravings come to life! 

Delivers Till: 1 AM

Dimsum (Momo) Express

Remember those days where you’d chat over a plate of hot, steaming momos and just, have a good time? Well, Dimsum Express is delivering that feeling now at home.

Delivers Till: 1 AM


Lokomades’desserts are fit for the gods! They don’t shy away from sugar and neither should you! Stop having chocolates and start ordering some real dessert from Lokomades instead. 

Delivers Till: 1 AM

Kandivali & Borivali

Bhagwati Pav Bhaji

Bhagwati has been our go-to for some quality Pav Bhaji. They’re pretty much known for delivering Pav Bhaji and Tawa Pulao late night.

Delivers Till: 1:30 AM


Craving finger food? Get a hand on mini-bites and snacks from Monopoly, they wont disappoint!

Delivers Till: 3 AM

Raju's Kitchen

Raju’s has been our go to spot for hanging out and having a hearty meal, and now they’re delivering!

Delivers Till: 4 AM

Food Adda

Food Adda is best for snacks, and what better time to other than late night, when those cravings strike? Order their sinful sandwiches the next time you don’t want to have maggi at night.

Delivers Till: 4 AM


Another place for great snacks, order in some fries from Munchiess, play that movie pending on your list and have a good time.

Delivers Till: 2:30 AM

Mama Mia! Italian Ice Creams

Mousse jars, cheesecakes and indulgent sundaes, you deserve this. Order now.

Delivers Till: 2 AM


Smokin' Joes

Who knew Smokin' Joes also delivers late into the night? Well, now we do. Don’t forget to try out their hot chicken or spicy salami pizza for INR 165.

Delivers Till: 3 AM


Get a good, satisfying meal of your choice even if its late from Box8. We love their options, and how everything is packed together in a neat and safe manner. 

Delivers Till: 1 AM

Pete's Pizzeria

Pete’s is delivering! Order in a midnight feast from them. They are ensuring rider’s safety too. 

Delivers Till: 4 AM


Kasbah is best known for its North Indian food, so here's to all those dal khichdis and other comfort food that we totally crave for that late.

Delivers Till: 3 AM


Persian Darbar

We personally vouch for their butter chicken, which arrived promptly and warm to our hungry stomachs. They’ve also got your Chinese food that you can order but hey, go Mughlai here. 

Delivers Till: 2:30 AM (They're delivering in Powai too)

Delhi Durbar

Jaffer Bhai’s your best bet for late night food, across the city actually. Do be prepared for a little late service, however. This is there at Mohammad Ali Road, Girgaum and Grant Road.

Delivers Till: 4:00 AM (depending on which outlet you call)

Masala Kitchen

Masala Kitchen’s delivery choices are on another level: Khade Masale ka Murg, Wholsesome Dal Khichdi, Dum Biryani, Lucknowi Subz Biryani, we can’t help but build our cart for a late night dinner. 

Delivers Till: 4 AM

Smoque Burgers

Build your own burgers with the help of this joint, so if you have some really weird cravings and want it just as you like, Smoque Burgers is up for it. Look at that char grill on the buns! 

Delivers Till: 4 AM

Indi Kitchen

Indi Kitchen has a dish called Panner Tikka Naanza which perked our ears. They also have some good ol’ wraps in veg as well as non veg options. 

Delivers Till: 4 AM


Aromas Cafe

Aromas has been on our list solely for their delightful pastas. The delivery in a box Is just something else, you have to experience it on your own. 

Delivers Till: 1 AM

TBG: The Biryani Guys

TBG has some great biryani options and you might wanna check it out instead of deciding to make a bland dinner again. Their options are pretty affordable too. 

Delivers Till: 1:30 AM