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On A Strict Diet? Here's A Guide On Where To Eat Healthy Food In Pune

Everyone’s definition of eating ‘healthy’ is different, but if you have special dietary requirements, then eating out can be really difficult. We’ve rounded up a handful of places that offer a variety of diet friendly options, without compromising on taste.

Started in March 2016 out of her home kitchen by Fedora Fernandes, The Vigour Kart specialises in delicious diet-friendly food. A delivery-only service, they started out with only chia puddings which start from INR 250. and smoothies, but have now expanded their menu to include almond spreads, salads (veg INR 220, non-veg INR 250), quinoa salads (veg INR 250, non veg INR 280) ice creams (tub of 300ml starting at INR 200), juices {starting at INR 100}, almond spreads (150ml for INR 200) and bliss balls (box of 8 for INR 250). The focus is on vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free meals using fresh veggies, dried fruits and nuts, and superfoods like chia seeds and quinoa. Subscription plans are available for salads, breakfast bowls, and a combination of both. If you’d rather order individual items, you can place the order a day beforehand and they will deliver it to you at the time of your choice. We’ve tried it and loved it; it’s a hassle-free way of eating healthy for breakfast and lunch.

Koregaon Park’s resident hipster cafe, One O Eight is famous for their vegan/vegetarian fare. The menu features both Continental, Italian, and Indian dishes. Everything is either made in-house, or sourced from local organic producers. Though the menu is primarily vegetarian, the portion sizes are quite generous and filling. Items on the menu are marked gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan accordingly, though there are items made with dairy, gluten, and egg available too. Their desserts and baked goods feature fresh seasonal fruit, coconut, raw chocolate, nuts and grains, ragi, and wholewheat flour, and are some of the nicer healthy desserts we’ve tried. Check their blackboard for daily specials!

Salad Grills is a delivery-only salad specialist, focused on spreading ‘salad culture’ across India. Their veg and non-veg salads (INR 165 and INR 175 onwards respectfully) are served with a side of bread sticks and butter, and their menu also features salad paninis (INR 190 onwards), salad wraps, soups, fruit salads (all INR 95 onwards), smoothies (INR 100 onwards). Protein, carbs, veggies, fruit, seeds and nuts, are just some of what goes into their tossed salad. From their home-made salad dressings to grilled chicken (they don’t fry anything), everything is made with the freshest ingredients possible. They offer a 50% discount on Fridays and Saturdays (T&Cs apply), as well as weekly and monthly subscription plans. For the calorie-conscious, we think this sounds like a great way to eat healthy!

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