We Found Pink, Green & Gold-Coloured Lattes That Will Take Your Instagram To The Next Level

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From multi-colour dim sums to desserts, we’ve tried it all! However, an assortment of colourful lattes was hard to predict. At One O Eight Cafe in Koregaon Park, our favourite beverage has been given a twist you cannot miss.

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Imagine your usual cup of latte in magic colours of gold, green and pink. Pretty interesting, right? But here’s the real deal: none of these lattes have added colours in them, and in fact, they get the shades from the organic ingredients used.

Priced at INR 200 {each}, these colourful lattes are also healthy. For instance, the golden latte is made of turmeric ginger, cinnamon and desi cow milk. While turmeric increases the antioxidant capacity in the body, ginger is known for reducing muscle pain and soreness. So, this is the perfect drink for those post-work scenes.

The matcha latte which is green is made of organic tea powder and cow milk. If you’re big green tea fan, this one is an absolute winner. Made with beetroot powder, we loved the pink latte a little more over the rest! Slightly sweeter and creamier, this drink will definitely help you watch a healthy weight.

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Forget mundane lattes, we found three colourful and healthier versions of it!

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