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Start The New Decade With 10 New Experiences

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We all love Bangalore. Be it the food, the beer or all the local experiences one can indulge in here, this city has something to offer to everyone. If you've been living in Bangalore all your life or recently moved to the city, there are a few things that you just cannot miss out on. We've put together a list of top 10 things to check out and do in Bangalore this 2020. Read on! 

Visit Bangalore’s KR Market

One of the city’s oldest, the bustling KR Market is made up of countless stalls and street vendors, hawking everything from strings of jasmine to dumbbells. The flower market is touted to be one of Asia's largest, so wake up early for this one and enjoy all the colours and scents (a multi sensory immersive experience).

Eat All That You Can At VV Puram

VV Puram AKA Thindi Beedi in Basavanagudi is translated literally to “Food Street”, get food incorporating all elements. Be it ice wafers, fire paan, or pani puri -- they’re all there! From hot greasy dosas, to crunchy Congress peanuts, you’ll be delighted. Just remember that the street only comes alive post 7 and you can eat to your heart's content.

Watch One BFC Game

“Namma Ooru... Bengaluru !! Who are we?? BFC !!” If you've been living in Bangalore and haven't caught a single game of Bengaluru FC, you certainly are missing out. Head over anytime Bengaluru FC is playing, in fact, there are a few home games in January, so, go get your tickets and catch the Blues in action.

Gawk At The Beautiful Bangalore Palace

Built over a century ago in the Tudor-style of architecture that’s reminiscent of French and English castles, the Bangalore Palace designed by Rev J Garrett, and then bought by the then Maharaja of Mysore Chamarajendra Wadiyar X is a must-visit place in Bangalore. Standing the test of time, the palace is still the property of the Wodeyars of Mysore – in fact, the current Maharaja Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar was married there. Surrounded by massive grounds, the building, with an uncanny resemblance to the Windsor Castle, is great for history buffs and art lovers.

Eat Donne Biryani At Shivaji Military Hotel

When in Bangalore, you gotta try the famous Donne Biryani at Shivaji Military Hotel located in Jayanagar. It is one of the best Military Hotels in town and serves the most authentic Donne Biryani. There are chances that you might not get a table here but it sure is worth to eat biryani even if it is while standing on the streets. If Biryani is your one true love, you gotta go here and eat it all, come what may. 

Get Cuddles At CUPA

CUPA’s Second Chance Adoption Centre in Dommasandra off Sarjapur Road is a sprawling two-acre facility for rescued pups meant for adoption. With everything a dog could need including a splash pool, mango trees to lounge under and lots of space to frolic, head there with some doggy treats and love to spend time with some furry babies. Just call and let the staff at the center know you’re coming. And remember, if you’ve always wanted a dog, this is the perfect place to adopt, not shop.

Visit Devanahalli Fort & Nandi Hills

If you’re looking to go to Nandi Hills for the sunrise, temples, and colonial houses, block the whole day and add Devanahalli Fort to your day. Built in the 15th Century, both the fort and Nandi temple are steeped in rich heritage. You will find a stone plaque and a large memorial marking the place as Tipu Sultan’s birthplace at the fort, and a colonial era guesthouse atop Nandi Durga.

Check Out The Indian Music Museum

Devoted entirely to sound and music, The Indian Music Experience is a spot like no other in the country. With a sound garden that is an experience unto itself and large musical installations that you can chime, play and hum into, this sound park is one you don’t wanna miss. They also conduct classes and workshops should you be interested in picking up a hobby. 

Shop Art At Chitrakala Parishath

You have to be at Kumara Krupa Road and Chitrakala Parishath for the flea markets and exhibitions that happen year all year round on a regular. With over 100 stalls featuring work of lesser-known artists from across the country, the whole street is cordoned off, and you can buy art from artists directly. They have flea markets quite regularly so keep an eye out for their events on Facebook so you can go there and shop to your heart's content.

Enjoy A Field Trip To NIMHANS' Brain Museum

A trip to NIMHANS’ (National Institute of Mental Health and Science) brain museum opens your eyes to the fascinating workings of the human brain. For over 35 years, NIMHANS’ Neuropathology department has been collecting brain specimens to use them in training their students.