There’s no denying that Koramangala is the hub of cafes, restaurants and pretty much anything and everything to do with eating and drinking. But cafes that bring that vibe of making you feel a certain way? Well, we’ve jotted down our favourites {in no particular order} of all those we think make great places with decor that is everything inspiring! Some might make you feel like never leaving while you’d wish for your home to be like the others. Go on, be excited!

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A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

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Om Made Cafe

Cafe D’Hide

Photo source: D'hide Cafe

Photo source: D’hide Cafe

A relatively small, unassuming place, tucked away near Tim Tai, Cafe D’Hide is one of our favourite haunts. With its white-and-green theme, exposed-brick design on the walls and shelves holding small potted plants and jars, the place is pretty enough to lure us in every time we pass by. Even if it’s just for a cup of their Hot Chocolate or for devouring their Seafood Pizza.

A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

Photo source: A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

Photo source: A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

Quirky framed artwork, burnt-brick walls, fairy lights in bird cages and wooden ladders used as book shelves make this cafe more than just warm. If this isn’t enough, dig into their satisfying waffles with a million toppings to choose from.


The cozy cafe is set in a what was perhaps a bungalow once. It has a tiny al fresco area with pretty garden furniture and the decor inside is mostly white and blue with an area devoted to a deli and an open-plan kitchen.

Dyu Art Cafe

dyu art cafe in koramangala has a traditional kerala house ambience

Photo Source: Dyu Art Cafe

An old-school bungalow with pristine white walls converted into a cafe, this place, with its open courtyard, spots of greenery, cemented seats, gabled roof and oxide flooring, is the kind that will make you feel like you’ve walked into an old Kerala-style house. And there’s plenty of artwork around too, to gawk at. Binge on their chocolate cake for best results!

A Cafe

a cafe in koramangala has a lovely ambience

Photo Source: A Cafe

The interiors of the cafe will remind you of a parlour straight out of an Enid Blyton book. Think vintage floral wallpaper, bits of odds and ends, little vintage boxes, an optician’s eye chart pinned to one of the walls, books, an old mirrored cupboard and a handwritten menu on a blackboard. The al fresco seating is strung with fairy lights, comfortable seating and wooden tables. Sip on a cup of hot chocolate while you get lost in a book and dream away.

Cafe Medley

Spread across two floors, Cafe Medley projects a beachy, shack-like vibe. Chairs and tables in bright pops of colour, cane swings that double up as cozy chairs and a really carefree vibe make this place a heavy draw. A chilled blueberry iced tea should add to the experience.

Om Made Cafe

om made cafe in koramangala has a great view

Photo Source: Om Made Cafe

Rooftop seating with a great view, laid back vibes that channel Goa and soothing music in the background – you might never run out of reasons to head to Om Made Cafe. With quiches, sandwiches, burgers and creamy pastas to pick from, the space is just perfect for a Sunday brunch or even dinner on a breezy evening to watch the city lights.

Mustard Cafe

All-white interiors, paper lamps with yellow lights and a whole wall full of books is what we’re digging at Mustard Cafe. Apart from this, they have shelves of trinkets including picture frames, cups and paper boxes that can be purchased and gifted to people you love.

Cafe 132

Photo source: Cafe 132

Photo source: Cafe 132

While Cafe 132 is located in a lane with plenty of other options, what lures us here time and again is that it makes you feel like you’re in Spain. Done up mostly in white, the shades of green and yellow liven up the space, lending it a warm, yet contemporary feel. While sitting outside with a mug of cappuccino and watching people pass by sounds like a great way to spend a lazy weekend evening, their indoor seating is just as charming when the buzz gets disturbing outside.

Coffee On Canvas

Photo source: Coffee On Canvas

Photo source: Coffee On Canvas

A quiet space right in town, but away from all the noise, Coffee on Canvas is full of comfy bean bags, low tables and lots of sunlight. Plus to keep you busy, they have games such as Ludo, Uno and Abdone, and a collection of novels to keep you engrossed. Looks like there’s no chance of getting bored here.

Tea Trails



In spite of being located on a busy road in Koramangala, the bistro has an an almost tranquil feel to it. Spotless white brick walls adorned with framed photographs of tea-related ceremonies and events from across the globe, figures of Arabian tea pots and cups jutting out of the wall on one side and even a spot of greenery make up the decor here. Wooden tables and seats, and cosy sofas add to the relaxed vibe.

154 Breakfast Club

Photo source: 154 Breakfast Club

Photo source: 154 Breakfast Club

154 Breakfast Club’s decor include a chalkboard menu, minimalist wooden chairs {that will take your right back to school} and cutlery stands that resemble the Rubik’s cube. In the evenings, gorging on some greasy bacon and salami under the fairy lights will make the experience 10x more delish.

Feature Photo: Tea Trails