For Every One Of The 21 Days You Were Stuck At Home, Do One Thing Once You're Out

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After a 21 day lockdown from the outside world, we're sure you're itching to go out and never take the simple pleasures of Bangalore for granted ever again. Don't know where to start? We have a list of 21 things we'll be doing when it's safe to get out again, so maybe you can take inspiration, hey?

Have A Picnic At Cubbon Park

Oh how we miss the fresh air and open spaces of Cubbon Park. As part of the LBB team, who works about 400 metres away from this beautiful lung space, we will never again take it for granted! We cannot wait to take our picnic basket and head here to just soak in the fact that there are no four walls around us! Run, jog, do yoga, go to the dog park or just loll on the grass, just the thought is making us smile! 

Buy Books From Blossom Book House

Books have become our collective best friends! Honestly, though there is no such thing as too many books! Be it another set of comic books, some obscure title that a few online friend from Croatia probably told you about, or just a new one, Blossom Book House is and always be a favourite. Who’s already feeling nostalgic about the smell of the store? 

Attend A Gig At Hard Rock Cafe

All the fancy new places came for gigs, but our hearts want to go right back to Hard Rock Cafe. Apart from the Mac & Cheese, the burgers, beer and the brilliant ambience, we’re looking forward to a proper gig here. Ideally, it’ll be Best Kept Secret playing their list, including plenty of Coldplay!

Have Breakfast At Hole In The Wall

Nothing quite like the indulgent English breakfast options at Hole In The Wall. Yes, yes we can make eggs at home, but who better makes it with perfectly fried bacon, sausage, and crispy hash browns? We’re drooling thinking about the Chicken Hole 9 Yards Dash and the Farmer’s Market. Also, the pancakes? Stuff of dreams. Fluffy, soft, and topped with the perfect amount (drowned) of compote or fudge. We’re counting down the days till we can go again.

Death By Chocolate At Corner House Ice Cream.

 e don't really have to tell you about this one right? The cake, (extra) fudge with the perfect consistency and scoops of classic vanilla ice cream that will have you satisfied and full long after you're done gorging will have you wishing a DBC. Or are you perhaps a fan of their more fruity sundaes (hopefully we'll be able to enjoy their mangoes and fresh cream!)? If nothing, there's also their thick shakes, perfect for on the go consumption. 

Go For A Run Lal Bagh

A weekend morning ritual for many a South Bangalorean, running in the vast expanse of Lal Bagh will truly make you feel free (us too) like a bird. Really, apart from their well maintained path to run through (240 acres), there’s also the circuit around the lake (great for sunsets). Go with the fam for even a walk and enjoy fresh fruit juice at the end of it, the extra oxygen, and maybe breakfast at the iconic MTR.

Eat Chaat At VV Puram

If social distancing is something you hate due to lack of human interaction and, well, humans in general, then heading to Food Street At VV Puram will give you a bang for your buck and then some. Apart from snacks, street food, and Bangalore specific chaat, and other local delicacies you’ll be surrounded by people as the place comes alive from around 6pm all till 11pm. And it’s always more fun with company!

Catch A Play At Ranga Shankara

With a Play-A-Day philosophy, you’re likely to up your cultural cred if you head to Rangashankara in JP Nagar. Ticket prices range between INR 100 to INR 350, and they feature plays in most Indian languages. Tickets are available at the box office (unless it’s a super popular play, in which case you’ll need to book them beforehand), and the plays are all worth experiencing in the rather intimate set up where even a whisper can be heard all the way at the back! 

Have Dosa From CTR

We've absolutely been dreaming of heavenly benne masala dosas smeared with copious amounts of butter and stuffed with the signature aloo palya from our favourite: CTR or Shri Sagar at Malleshwaram. Part of the fun is also waiting for a table at this spot and we are ready to claim ours once out of the lockdown. While here, don't forget to sip on some piping on filter coffee (spilt by two to share with a friend). If you've also been missing a full-fledged South Indian breakfast, freely indulge in the many traditional options on their menu (long time coming, we understand).

Head To Sankey Tank For Sunrise

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to watch the sunrise at Sankey Tank and not from your window or terrace post the lockdown? Head there at sharp 6 to enjoy the beautiful sunrise with your fam or bae. Alternatively go between  3:30 PM  to 7:30 PM to enjoy the natural beauty of the tank which was built in the late 1800s to fulfill the city’s water needs. The joy of hearing the birds chirp and the sunrise or sunset would be unparalleled.

Go For A Drive To Nandi Hills

We’re sure you’re missing those late night and early morning drives to Nandi Hills. Once the lockdown is lifted, take your car or bike straight to Nandi Hills. Enjoy the gorgeous view of the city as well and visit the temples, forts and colonial houses around. The hills are open from 6 AM to 10 PM. There's an entry fee of INR 5, and parking charges of INR 15 for two-wheelers, and INR 60 for four-wheelers.

Head To Koshy's For Cutlet & Coffee

Make a pilgrimage to Koshy’s on St.Mark’s Road once the 21 day lockdown is lifted. We truly miss the coffee and cutlet there and can’t wait to go back. Go there with friends or family and spend some time enjoying this iconic eatery where Jawaharlal Nehru, Nikita Khrushchev, and even good old Queen Elizabeth II dined at one point of time. 

Buy Flowers From KR Market

There’s nothing like flowers to uplift your mood and to add colour and vibrancy to your space. KR Market is the largest wholesale flower market in all of Bangalore! Even if you aren’t looking at buying those beauties, you can just head there for a refreshing sight sometime early in the morning, before the crowd sets in. And if you have a function, special occasion or wedding coming up, you know exactly where to get your blossoms from! 

Have Beer At Toit

Celebrate the end of the Lockdown with a refreshing pint of beer at none other than Toit! We know how much you’re missing hanging out with your squad and who wouldn’t love some beer to cheer, post all this social distancing! While you’re at it, don’t forget to belt some delicious starters on the side too, because God knows we’ve missed

Enjoy Coffee And Book At Champaca

There ain’t nothing like a hot steamy cup of coffee and a good book, and it gets even better when you get to choose the perfect place to chill at! Champaca, no doubt, has all of the above! Head there alone or with friends, find your ideal corner, tuck your feet and enjoy the little joys of being in a bookstore cafe! 

Make A Trip To Bangalore Palace

All of us history and art buffs cannot wait to make that trip to the gorgeous Bangalore Palace and enjoy the views of the beautiful ceilings, dainty chandeliers, and stunning glass windows. Don’t miss the Maharaja's Courtyard that houses a colourful Azulejo tiled-bench and a fountain (new selfies for the gram, yes!) and the Weighing Machine Chair, carved into a horse shoe shape (it was used to measure jockeys).Feel like royalty, at a reasonable INR 230.

Go To 12th Main Indiranagar

Oh, how we miss our favourite restaurants and nightlife at 12th Main, Indiranagar! We’re dreaming of Asian fare at Mamagoto, the unbeatable Jack Daniel's Bacon Burger from Black Rabbit, and of course, pizza (any) at The Pizza Bakery .Hands down is everybody's jam! Speaking of jam sessions, we've also lined up a gig at Sly Granny and dinner under the stars at Bricklane. Can't wait to play dress up again and hit these places as soon as we can.

Shop At Commercial Street

Now, shopping at Commercial Street is a weekend ritual for us and heaven knows that we've never seen these bylanes empty! There's nothing one cannot find here: pocket-friendly clothing (check), jewellery and shoes for every occasion (check), and heavenly streetfood (check, check, check!). We are especially looking forward to getting our hands on some aesthetic antiques from Asiatic Arts and Crafts and visiting Gollar Lane for some funky bag and shoe shopping.

Have Biryani At Nagarjuna & Meghana

Go belt some Andhra-style biryani at Nagarjuna and Meghana once all this is over. It's as easy as that. We're thinking of having biryani every day for a week. The mutton biryani from Nagarjuna and boneless chicken biryani from Meghna, you are being missed. 

Get Doggo Cuddles From TherPup

As a reward for being a good human and staying at home for 21 days, we recommend you to go to get some cuddles, ruffles, and drool all over ourselves from the cutest doggos at TherPup. We are going here and meeting Charlie because he's our favourite.

Visit State Central Library For The First Time

For all those times you've stared at the red facade of the State Central Library, maybe once this is all over, actually go inside? It's a huge library with over 3L books and it's a great photo-op too. Just go inside, we are telling you it'll be great!