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Check Our List Of 5 Free Apps That'll Do Just What FitBit Does, But At No Cost

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If you’re thinking of getting a fitness device like Fitbit or the Mi Band but just don’t want to drop so much cash for yet another device to add to your ever growing collection, we have a totally budget-friendly alternative for you! Apps like Samsung’s S Health and Under Armour’s MapMyWalk have been around for a while, and we love that they serve the same purpose for no cost at all! From a basic daily step counter to monitoring your diet, there’s plenty these apps can do for you.

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

The free version of this app is a basic pedometer that we found highly efficient. Its light interface didn’t drain our batteries, and it got the job done as well as we could hope for something free! The paid version, we hear, comes with a fitness coach that gives you various workouts to do and compare if you’re looking for something more than walking.

Download the Android app here. Download the iOS app here.

S Health

This Samsung app came pre-installed on my Galaxy Note, and while it might seem like a bit of a lazy pick I genuinely love using it! And it works on all Android phones, not just Samsung ones. Use it to track your steps {both step count and distance} and set daily goals for yourself to achieve. The app also sends out occasional reminders to keep you motivated! Download the Android app here.

Google Fit

Not only does this track your steps, it can detect if you’re running or biking, too. It’ll even estimate the number of calories burnt on top of counting steps and distances. Fit’s minimalistic and simple user interface means things won’t get complicated. It also has subtle haptic feedback that’ll give you a small reminder every time you accomplish a goal or are lagging behind! Download the Android app here.


Owned by brand Under Armour, a company known for its awesome fitness clothing and gear, MapMyWalk allows you to track your walks, save routes and even interact with friends, all while counting calories burnt and distance walked. You can also challenge friends if you’re looking to get a bit competitive. You might end up burning quite a bit of data on this app, so be mindful! Download the Android app here. Download the iOS app here.

Nike+ Run Club

Running is basically fast walking, right? Amp your walking routine with some cardio using the Nike+ Run Club app. Whether you’re new to the brutal world of running or a seasoned veteran, this app can help create a workout that works for your level. Compare and compete with your friends, join challenges and even customise your own running music playlist! This app also syncs with Apple Watch.

Download the Android app here. Download the iOS app here.