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7 Websites that make us laugh so hard that we cry

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Let’s accept it. We all need a break from time to time. Everyone enjoys a good procrastination {read slacking} session while at work, and we do have our favourite websites for a funny fix. With so many options out there, we asked our team members to pick five websites that make them laugh out really loud.

The Onion

Our favourite, albeit American, satirical news website is The Onion. With fake news related to Science, Politics, Sports, Business, Entertainment and much more, the website covers all bases when attempting to bring us up-to-the-minute ‘news’. So good has been the writing, and the story creation, that it is now quite common to find individuals on social media {and at times even hard news publications} citing and quoting an article from The Onion.

Check out their website here.


The king of online comedy, 9gag is the place to go for all things funny. Images, videos, GIFs, comedy stories, and one-liners, all can be found here at the click of a button. A community-centric website, 9gag relies on user generated content and in February, 2016, they had a whooping 267 million visitors.

Check out their website here.

Awkward Yeti

We love the work at the web comic website Awkward Yeti. Specifically the delightful Heart & Brain series, where the situations are so real, they’re scarily hilarious. The titular character’s interactions with his organs are so on point we can’t help but laugh. We don’t know about you, but we relate too easily with the Brain character.

Check out their website here.

The Oatmeal

Another well-known American web comic is The Oatmeal. Every time we see one of Matthew Inman’s comics pop up on our newsfeed, we drop everything and start reading. Among our favourites are the delightful My Dog: The Paradox strip and why Nikola Tesla was the greatest nerd that ever lived. So popular are Inman’s creations, he even recently launched a {really fun} card game known as Exploding Kittens, amid much fanfare.

Check out their website here.

Cyanide and Happiness

An old favourite is the infamous Cyanide and Happiness {C&H} web comic. Full of dark, socially insensitive comics, C&H are known to push boundaries and find humour in even the darkest, most taboo of topics. If you aren’t easily offended and are looking for a regular laugh, we suggest you check them out.

Check out their website here.

Texts From Last Night

Who hasn’t woken up after a night of heavy drinking, sick with trepidation at what silly/embarrassing/hilarious text messages they must have sent out in a drunken stupor? You haven’t? Well, don’t judge. Or do, at Texts From Last Night – the website full of {mostly} real drunk texts people have sent out in the past. You can browse, submit and vote for best text of the week and month.

Check out their website here.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

An American publishing house, McSweeney’s has a specific humour website, the Internet Tendency, that is our latest comedic find {thanks to our awesome team at LBB}. Updated daily, this site is full of well-written, witty and smart comedy. With consistently regular articles and columns from a roster of hilarious writers, this website may take some getting used to but once you’re hooked, there is no turning back.

Check out their website here.

Note: We love Reddit and 4chan too, but due to their vast size and innumerable sub-categories, we felt you should explore them personally to find your favourite niche sub-section.