Get Fit In Just 90 Days With This Programme Of Martial Arts, Functional Training & HIIT

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Shed that extra holiday weight, or just tone up that body with RAW’s 90-day fat loss program. It combines kickboxing and functional training for a 360-degree workout.

Fighting Git

More often than not, the quickest solution to getting fit is by joining a gym. But then a few weeks into your routine you realise that despite your gym trainer pushing you, the whole weight-training-cardio-machine workout isn’t going to get it done. And you also realise that you need something more physically {and mentally} demanding. Enter the 90-day functional training programme by RAW.

A mix of functional training, martial arts and TRX, this one is really pitched as a weight loss programme, but we think that losing weight is more of a by-product. The toning of the body the agility and strength this workout is likely to give you makes us feel like Navy SEALS. And since it is physically more demanding, it helps you remain mentally sharp too. It keeps your heart rate up with everything from kickboxing and MMA to boxing to TRX. Soon you’ll be looking like UFC Champion Conor McGregor, acing those uppercuts, jabs, and insane flying knee knockouts.

Cross Fit Freaks

RAW’s tagline is ‘Cross fit freaks’, so expect a brutal workout session that involves zero slacking off and 100 per cent smashing the tire with a hammer. And giving 20 laps or 5-minutes of skip rope before each class. You got to cardio, before you down a pack of Oreos. Yes, you can eat Oreos, even though the diet chart based on your BMI and dietary requirements given by them might not specifically mention that. Cheats days are totally fine with these folks so long as you ensure absolute dedication and not go overboard.

Their trainer, Ganesh Gowda, a national and international level kickboxing athlete conducts MMA, kickboxing, and boxing classes all through the week. You can sign up for a trial class before deciding cross-fit and functional training is the way. They also regularly conduct outdoor classes, which we think is cool. There’s so much of that Rocky Balboa feels when you are air punching or running laps.