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90s Kids, There's A Whole Fest With Maggi, Typewriters & Tazos Dedicated To You!

    Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore

    What's Happening

    SteppinOut is back with yet another festival and this time, they’re celebrating the 90s. That '90s Festival is planned for Sept 15, and will be a mix of all things that define the era for the quintessential nineties kids. Think retro lit-up dance floors playing the greatest hits of the years, screening popular cartoons and films like Jurassic Park and Pulp Fiction. The food will be a curation of iconic brands that will bring all the dishes from the time period under one roof.

    Know what we’re most excited about? Being able to play Mario, Contra, Duck Hunt and more games on glitzy consoles in the gaming arena. Oh, and you’ll be able to buy a whole lot of merch including comics, tees, bands and lots more.

    How's The Venue

    That '90s Festival is going to take place at Taj West End, and we see its luxurious and tropical vibe being utilised to its best. Needless to say, the venue will be done up in keeping with the theme down to the ambience, food, activities and kiosks. If you need any more reassurance, going by their past events (flea markets, food festivals and more), we are sure it’ll be in line with the theme and general nostalgic feel. 

    Price Includes

    The early-bird tickets are up for grabs at INR 199. The tickets will give everyone access to the workshops, day-long screenings and the gaming arcade.

    Make A Note

    They have a host of cool competitions, including an epic pen fight, book-wrapping and the fastest finger on the typewriter. Upcycling, DIY lamps using CDs and cassettes and making mixtapes (remember those cute things we did to woo people?).

    In case you have a secret stash of trump cards, Nintendo devices, Walkmen, Pokemon cards and more of the 90s memorabilia, this is the place to get it all.

      Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore