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Enjoy The Delicious South East Asian Cuisines Here At Hao Chi!

    HBR layout, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    A new destination celebrating South East Asian Cuisine has arrived. Hao Chi is the newbie in town that dishes out some smashing dishes from my favourite cuisine of all times. What was a wonderful meal was Kickstarter by these deliciously made Drums Of Heaven with a beautiful crust. It is totally different from the regular ones you get in your friendly neighbourhood Chinese restaurants. The marinated southeast Asian flavours in the chicken were sealed beautifully in a batter, and fried, which was unusual but a delicious way to enjoy these dummies. The accompanying sauce was way too perfect as well, they had gone for a Thai sweet chilli as opposed to the regular chilli garlic sauce, which brings a nice twist to tradition, just like the batter fry, but not too far off the authenticity of South-East Asian. I loved the packaging too, spill-proof, mini red slider boxes with a banana leaf base to add a touch of that authenticity, highly recommended and you should definitely start your meal from Hao Chi with these drummers too.

    What am amazing set of Dim Sums that we ordered, absolutely gorgeous, these beautifully wrapped steamed deliciousness was just elevated by the fabulous sauce that it accompanied. It was meaty, perfectly steamed, beautifully seasoned, looked awesome, tasted divine. Am already craving for this one, and it comes even highly recommended than the dummies.

    I usually judge a Southeast Asian place by how good their Thai Green Curry is, its like the bruschetta or an Aglio Olio for an Italian restaurant. It’s the minimum standard that you set for how well the other dishes could be, and how authentic it would be. Hao Chi passed that test wonderfully. The curry was flavoursome, beautifully mild Thai flavours with the most authentic ingredients, I think I even got a few pea aubergines in them. Absolutely delightful, fabulous curry, am already craving for another opportunity to dig into them. My only complaint, there wasn’t enough curry for the rice. But I ordered a combo, and maybe it was because of that, the curry to rice ratio was a little off. Next time, am ordering my curry & rice separately, so I have some leftover curry to slurp on after the rice is over.

    The Chinese Chicken Schezuan Fried Rice was very good, well made with delicious chunks of chicken and nice shreds of egg and veggies. I did found it a little strange that it has a mild sweetness to it and missing that heavy chilli hit. Other than that, it was a fabulous dish, great portions, and beautifully packaged.

    The brownie cake was a delicious version, more cake less brownie, but the ice cream that came along was fabulous.

    This place just hit all the sweet spots of south East Asian cuisine on my palate and am gonna keep ordering from this place, until the last item is checked off the menu list & revisit the favourites
      HBR layout, Bangalore