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Enjoy A Fantastic Seafood Brunch At The Blu Oyester!

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I was here for a sumptuous brunch that they had organized owing to the ' fishy food festival' which majorly comprised of seafood ranging from crab to prawns to  squid and ofcourse fish but they didn't miss out on the chicken and there were some vegetarian options too for starters as well as main course which I found was pretty impressive because there's something for everyone if you're dining as a family!

To begin with, you can be at the bar and indulge in some refreshing drinks - I went in for a couple of classic cocktails, pretty unique presentations and the gin and tonic surely ring Christmas bells. They have outstanding house nachos that go so well with the salsa and sour cream and are well seasoned.

Moving on, the crabs stuffed with cheese and mushroom topped and finished with parmesan cheese - was definitely something really unique and I am really looking forward to have it again. The chicken ghee roast was in all its authenticity and all their pastes and masalas are house made too and it was definitely made clear by how the marinade had perfectly seeped into the chicken.

The main course comprised of super fragrant fish thai curry served alongside steamed rice and also a mixed veg gravy and grilled chicken were on offer.

To end the meal, I had the walnut brownie with was super fudgy and a perfect way to end the meal.