Drop By Curry Leaves To Have Amazing North Indian Delights

    Basavanagudi, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Curry Leaves is one of the popular restaurants in Bangalore.
    What did I eat?
    Crispy corn: Crispy corn looked tasted good. They had all the spices in the right mixture. The corn wasn't chewy either. They were also mixed with vegetables.

    Mushroom ghee roast: The mushroom ghee roast was pretty good. The mushrooms were well mixed with the masalas and ghee. They had a good amount of gravy in them as well.

    Khalifa chicken tikka: The chicken tikka was one of the best starters which was available at the restaurant. It was cooked well and tasted good.

    Prawns ghee roast: Another non-veg starter which was good. The prawn's ghee roast for sure was good. They were well dressed up with gravy coating which had a generous amount of ghee in them.

    Fried chicken kebab: The fried chicken kebab tasted like a conventional chicken kebab. They were fried well, it would be great if they can improve the presentation part of it and make it look more attractive.

    Prawns Gassi: The prawns gassi was simply superb. The prawns gassi is nothing but a prawn curry. I consumed the prawn gassi along with the neer dose which was available at the restaurant. The combination of prawns gassi along with the soft neer dose is a must-try. Neer dose, on the other hand, was soft and non-sticky.

    Paneer pahadi kebab: It was crisp along with juicy veggies along with soft and luscious paneer. They were tangy and spicy flavours of the marinade was perfect.

    Corn Tikki: This was the first time I was consuming a corn Tikki. The corn tikki had sweet corn and basic tikki ingredients such as garlic and ginger. The Tikki was very soft and tasted good.

    Mojito: The mojito was pretty good, it had a nice sweet layer at the end of the drink. This mojito must never be stirred, the moment you stir it the drink becomes sour.

    Long island ice tea: The long island ice tea was a dampener of a sort. It needs an improvement in their preparation.

    Gud bud: The gud bud ice cream was decked up very well. It had a lot of ingredients in them and tasted good. The quantity was pretty high as well.
      Basavanagudi, Bangalore