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A Place For Finest & Healthy Oil And Honey

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What Makes It Awesome?

We know about the cold press and hot press oils. Here, we see a new concept called Woodpress. 16 kinds of Oil like mustard, sesame, castor, almond, coconut etc.

Saptham is a place where oil is extracted from the traditional and natural process with no artificial flavours and chemicals. Even if this burns a hole in a pocket, our health is straight and right. High-quality oil seeds are used after manual sorting and sent for extraction. Here, a wooden vessel is used as the vessel for feed. With a wood paddle to press the oilseeds, oil is extracted and then collected. Since wood is being used, there is no early breakage of oil seeds. The special type of wood, called as Bane Mara in Kannada is used. The extracted oil is filtered in three different ways and sedimented.

The byproducts of the process are the oil cake and butter. The oil cakes of coconuts, almonds are used in desserts and many other functionalities. The butter like peanut butter etc is used as spreads etc. for our daily use. To the environment, this is very friendly. The machines are run by electricity and hence there is zero wastage. This is a sustainable model of the industry.

The naturality doesn't stop at the oil but also gets into honey. We here can obtain three kinds of honey, one is farm honey collected from local farms and agriculturists. Humblebee honey and wild honey from the jungles of Dandeli. We can find purest forms of honey because they are not adulterated. We also observe that the honey will soon get crystallised, as it is the real property of honey. My pick will be the wild honey because of the perfect balance for the pallet and not so subtle in flavour, whereas humble honey is highly intoxicating. Hence we find the purest and authentic honey and oils in Saptham, where it can be purchased from their retail outlet, Taila.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500