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Bannerghatta Folks, Have You Tried Out This Community Workspace and Cafe In Your Hood?

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Chavadi is a boom in a place like Bannerghatta Road. This community-inspired space and cafe let’s you work, eat and play without budging an inch.

Space Cadet

Chavadi’s setting is decidedly folksy, a theme they have borrowed from Indian village squares. The space is done up in subtle shades of blues, yellows and whites. Tucked away in a by-lane off the busy, busy Bannergetta Road, this open air rooftop cafe and space is perfect for a peaceful place to work out of or a quiet dinner time setting.

Work And Play

Whether you want a quiet space to finish your work, or an artsy environment to help you brainstorm, Chavadi has a bunch of neat features to make your work interesting. You can even host team meetings here as the space is equipped with handy whiteboards. Their library is a place where you can read in solitude, and if you want to take a break — Chavadi has plenty of creative distractions. They provide art material for you to paint, and will hang your creations on their community wall. For those who are fans of the long-forgotten art of letter writing, the Chavadi team has postcards on standby, so you can write to a designated pen pal or just about anyone, and they will post it on your behalf.

What's On The Menu?

The food at the Chavadi cafe is a mix of Indian and continental, with a quirky twist. For instance, the grilled BTM sandwich is a play on words for Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella {we see what you did there!} to the selection of eggs — the mutta roast is Kerala egg roast served with garlic bread. The salads aren’t your regulars with the Panzanella — a grilled paneer  salad served with multigrain bread that is soaked in a sour tomato coulis. The Indian bar salad is reminiscent of homely Indian salads of chopped cucumber, tomato and pickled green chillies.

So, We're Thinking...

What a relief that now we don’t have to make that journey to Koramangala to find ourselves a co-working space, or even further to Indiranagar. The fact that Chavadi also comes with an interesting cafe space and menu, will make life all the more easy for Bannerghatta folks.