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Get Away From The Urban Hustle With This Homestay In Sarjapur

    What Makes It Awesome

    Whether it’s a family get together or a friend’s bachelorette party, Aashrey is a getaway right here in the city. Located in Sarjapur, it’s away from the traffic and still convenient to get to. Amidst pristine farmlands, enjoy a variety of activities on their lush green lawns and create a vibe of warmth and togetherness. With a hammock in the verandah, let loose and relax. The living area overlooks greenery.

    The rooms are spacious, they have a conference room that you can use to project videos and photos that will take you back to the good old times or even embarrass that one cousin with their younger days. Spend the evening here with barbeque and bonfire as you sing songs and make merry. With traditional, South Indian style interiors and architecture, and great hospitality to boot, you’ll be visiting Aashrey more frequently than you think.


    If you’re looking to take your employees on a work retreat, Aashrey has corporate packages as well.