It’s All About The Layers: Get This Fashion Trend On Point With These Statement Pieces

We’ll be honest. Layering seems like way too much effort. After all, who keeps a track of all the jackets, scarves and shrugs when your entire wardrobe is in a state of disarray? Yet, we’ll (grudgingly) admit that when we see women wearing crisp cotton shirts with oversized cardigans, it all does look a little bit refreshing and... warm. So, after scouring through Shop On LBB, here we are with our pick of 5 pieces that anyone can use to layer their outfit:

Grey Ikat Jacket And Shift Dress Set

So, there are two reasons to just add this to your cart. First of all, it’s already a set. So, you don’t have to worry about what you can layer the jacket with. Secondly, it’s so versatile! You can easily wear it to the office or when you go to a bookstore with your friends! Win.

Floral Block Print Jacket & Tube Top Set

If you’re more of a jeans-and-tee kinda gal (we certainly are!), then, this jacket and tube top set is worth investing in. Made out of breathable fabrics and with all these cute details – frills, floral prints and overlays, it’s super comfy and chic.

Denim Patchwork Biker Jacket

Want to look like a badass biker babe? Blindly go for this denim patchwork biker jacket. It’s also got that upcycled signature look and the patchwork makes a bold statement. Plus, it goes with just about anything in your wardrobe!

Denim Trench Jacket

Frayed pockets, a little bit of distress and an extra-long slit at the back – this is just the kind of longline trench jacket we’d (secretly) been looking for. Made with linen denim, it offers a complete chic look.

Printed Tassel Drop Jacket And Embroidered Tunic Set

Since it’s festive season and everything, it’s about time you added some ethnic somethings to your wardrobe. We’ve picked out this set so you can make the best of fusion wear: with its unique print and embroidery, it’s our favourite pick on this list!