Add Some Shibori & Batik Hand Dyed Designs To Your Collection From Umoya

What Makes It Awesome

Bring a pop of colour and dazzling patterns into your life with the uniquely hand dyed merch from Umoya. From cushion covers to scarves and sarees, Umoya uses timeless dyeing techniques like Shibori and Batik to bring you exquisite pieces with quirky and eye-catching designs.

What's My Pro Tip?

They are an online brand and you can order their stuff via Facebook or from { }.

Anything Else?

The range of products these guys work with is truly extensive. Apart from their cushion covers, sarees and scarves, we spotted hand dyed ties, bags, notebooks, bandanas and even a beautiful hand dyed umbrella. Prices for these start at INR 420. They even make tiny crochet accessories like earrings which you can buy at INR 300 onwards. What's more, these guys customise too! So if you have a colour scheme or vision in mind, get in touch with them and make it a reality.