Adore Your Health? Then Swap Calorie Dense Meals With These Low Carb Pre- Mixes

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ADOR Health

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What Makes It Awesome

As someone who is constantly watching what she eats and indulging with the fear of most certainly going overboard, ADOR Health on Shop On LBB is a godsend. I think this because of all the nasties, the most frightening to me and I'm sure a million others are carbs! This sneaky source of energy and unwanted calories is present in every type of food -- even the staples like rice, roti and bread! So then how does one avoid it? 

Simple. Start by refreshing your pantry with food and staples from Ador Health. This label's whole mantra is to promote health, fitness and just overall well being by switching to low carbohydrate foods. By this we mean it all and most importantly suited to the Indian palate. On their range of products you will find stuff like Ultra Low Carb Atta that is soya and gluten-free and keto-friendly (their whole line is) and Ultra Low Carb Dosa Mix. These promise less than 1-3 grams of carbs per roti/dosa and over 6 grams of protein. But this isn't where it ends, because Ador Health had covered all food groups including our favourite -- snacks.

Find the whole works, all as low carb alternatives -- we're talking from Ultra Low Carb Bake Mix to fix you with cakes and muffins to Keto Almond or Hazelnut Cookies, Ultra Low Carb Methi Khakra, Namkeen, to Chocolate Biscuits, even Low Carb Murruku! This ain't no scam! They also claim that all of the recipes are validated by certified dieticians and are prescribed to diabetics and those looking to lose weight. Guiltless and limitless eating, here we come!


At prices between INR 160 to INR 500, we're getting health at a bargain it would seem! Most of these products are also running a discount currently on LBB. Shop away!