Mountains Calling? Explore The Himalayas With This Adventure Touring Company


    From spotting the elusive snow leopard in Ladakh to hitting up the Everest Base Camp, Adventure Sinbad is for all you thrill seekers looking to answer the call of the mountains.

    Sinbad The Mountaineer

    Unlike the Sinbad who sailed the seas, the Sinbad that we found is a mountaineer who takes you away from the waters to all the way to the mighty realm of the Himalayas. Adventure Sinbad, an adventure touring company is a thrill seeker's delight with its array of tours and treks. The array is enough to make even those laziest of couch potatoes to put on their trekking shoes and hit up the trail. Or so we think. 

    Because Darjeeling, Himachal, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Spiti, and Nepal are where the group conducts their tours. And when we say tours, these are solid, well-curated tours that will have you spending at least a week in the wilderness. Some of their tours, like the Everest Base Camp Trek will have you roughing it out for 16 days. Time to use all those annual leaves for something epic, right? 

    The Mountains Are Calling

    Adventure Sinbad's tours and treks aren't just about answering the call of the mountains. The tours, which usually comprises of between nine and 12 trekkers, will take you through the touristy spots as well as those unchartered territories for a complete hands-on experience. You will be trekking, sleeping in tents, rafting, biking, and doing pretty much anything that can be called roughing it up. Of course, that being said, the tours aren't all roughing it out, there's comfortable accommodation provided for most treks. 

    From what we read, the 16-day Parang La Trek is our favourite with the itinerary including visiting the cobalt blue Tsomoriri lake between Kiangdam and Korzok and high-altitude drives. The tours are conducted throughout the year in batches and most of the treks have a difficulty rating of moderate or hard. We already thinking of saving up for the Ladakh tour that includes a rafting and mountain biking experience.