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Sleep Wear By After Dark Is For All Slumber Lovers

    Available Online

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you spend a ton of your time lounging about at home, you hate waking up in the morning and on weekends you don’t bother to put on pretty clothes because, well, you prefer pretty night clothes, then the sleepwear by After Dark is going to leave you feeling happy! Slightly on the higher end, if you’re the kinds who can totally sleep in your denims, this might not appeal to you. From tiny boxers to flowy night gowns, in a range of fabrics including soft cotton and satin, these beauties in white and neutral shades is what we’re ogling at. Among our faves, is the set of shorts and shirt in white, a printed top and satin PJs in beige and their soothing gown with lace detailing.

    Interestingly enough, they also have a collection dedicated to sleepwear for newly-weds or even those who feel like newly-weds, or you know what, you don’t have to be wed at all to get these, but you get the picture, right? The floral printed set of crop top and shorts and the powder blue-cum-lavender satin set is also a steal. Also, if you’re a busy person and just about found time to get married, you can order as many things as you like, try them on and return whatever you don’t like.


    If you want to check out their offline collection, you can make an appointment with them, and go check their stuff out, but only if you’re in Delhi. So, lounge around, sleep as much as you like, because you know, at least you have the comfort of these soft clothes.

      Available Online