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Homely Heavenly Dinner At Seven Ate Nine!

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What Makes It Awesome?

7 Ate Nine, the new place I visited recently surprised me with delicious options and a few things that blew my mind. This Hummus and Pita are one, am glad they had crispy & softer pita on the platter, I preferred to stick to the soft fluffy ones to scoop out the riche, delicious creamy hummus one of the best in Bangalore.

The second most loved dish was actually the humble Podi Idli / Idly. I personally loved that Andhra twist of the two delicious versions of the peanut chutney served alongside. I might be willing to brave the traffic from Whitefield to HSR, just get this peanut hit, every day.

The picture did not do justice to how delicious the Crispy Babycorn was. We just kept popping it up with or without the accompanying chutney, it was just unstoppable.

There was nothing fancy about the Watermelon Extract that we had, in between courses. Just pure unadulterated fruit extract with a secret dose of deliciousness added, refreshing and rejuvenating.

For mains, I had Dosa & Stew, it was something that came as close as possible to a homemade crispy dosa, this is the best you can get in a restaurant and that stew, absolutely divine, can’t get enough of this combo, more so with peanut chutney on the side too.

In between courses I did sip in a Mosambi juice which was refreshing and for dessert I decided to take a tiramisu shake on the go, which was absolutely delicious, so much that I seriously doubted the shake to have some strong liqueur.

A refreshing change in menu, loads of household favourites and combinations that would love to indulge after some heavy partying in and around HSR, yes, this is what I recommend instead of your usual empire indulgence, trust me, you will not be disappointed.