This Membership Gets You Unlimited Access To Gyms & Studios For Just INR 500


    If you are planning on joining a gym, why not join 20+ gyms with AltSoul. Their unlimited, all-access membership is perfect for those looking to go from couch potato to Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey.

    One Membership, Many Goals

    Imagine an unlimited all-access membership that allows you to go for classes to the city’s best gyms, studios, and personal trainers. And with that membership, you can do pilates at one dance studio on Monday, functional training elsewhere, and then hit up a proper gym when you feel like a change. Sounds too good to be true right? Nope, it’s all a reality, thanks to AltSoul. This membership allows you to mix and match fitness regimes from over 20+ gyms and studios for just INR 500, for a seven-day trial membership. Once that runs out, memberships start at INR 3,000. For instance, you can start off your fitness goals with Tryst Studio’s intense but fun Tabata workout and then follow it up with some classical hatha yoga from Total Yoga. If you are looking to incorporate a lot of cardio and functional workouts, look no further that Dhurii’s BungFly workout that will have you suspended from a bungee cord and cardio out all those calories. For all you functional freaks, head to F45’s Indiranagar or Koramangala branch for their 45-minute High-Intensity Interval Training {HIIT}. Mind you, all these are the partner gyms of AltSoul, so repeat that for seven days {or more according to your plan} as much as you want and make your fitness goals a lot more fun and effective. It is unlimited access after all.

    Working Out In A Group

    AltSoul’s offers you a selection of group classes that could range from outdoor functional training to running and aerial yoga to swimming. And this is perfect for anyone who hates working out alone or finds the gym life to be too monotonous. We are already thinking of signing up for a one-month membership for INR 3,000 because it makes so much more sense to run with a group of people outside than on a treadmill. And also, it’s the best way to meet like-minded jocks and noobs while you are doing rock climbing at Equilibrium Climbing Station. Or when you are Zumba-ing it up at Hypermonkey who also has a killer workout by the name Death By Monkey. If you check out their partner gyms and studios, you will see that it’s more or less spread across Indiranagar, parts of CBD and Koramangala. For folks working in these areas and who are looking to finally kick-start their fitness goals, this service is one way to go about it. You can see their complete list of partners here. For signing up, please check out their website here.