The Fresh & Dry Fruit Thick Shakes At This Iconic Juice Centre In Tolichowki Is Amazeballs

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What Makes It Awesome

Nice Juice Centre's innovative dry and fresh fruit shakes, insane salads and their delish malai bowls {seasonal} are all crowd favourites here. It is known as quite an iconic juice centre and everything is freshly made, so you can never go wrong with the choices here. Their Winter Special — Hot Badam Shake is a slice of heaven and just what you need or cold winter nights. Since there are plenty of choices, if you cannot make up your mind, seek advice from the good peeps behind the counter and sip on!

What Could Be Better?

The service could get better here.

What's My Pro Tip?

Pay a visit to this place late in the night, preferably past midnight, to enjoy the beautiful creations especially the khuwate jin {this one's insane}, mulberry fruit bowl and the in-season sitaphal malai bowl.

Anything Else?

You have some tasty namkeen and chaat items to binge on, in case you'd like a bit of savoury food in between all the sweetness.