Ten-Second Takeaway

Bookmark Anand Bros in Commercial Street to stock up on everything from North Indian staples {like aloo pappad from Varanasi!} to homely pickles and freshly milled condiments.

From Up The North



Set amidst shops selling everything from clothes to accessories, Anand Bros welcomes you with the mild aroma of condiments, almost making you feel like you’re back in your kitchen at home. Started way back in 1950, the store’s speciality is their range of products which are mostly used in North Indian and Punjabi cuisine. Brought to the ooru, all the way from cities like Delhi and Varanasi, their goodies range from Urad Badis {lentil dumplings} and condiments to dry fruits and seasonal specials.

Pickles To Mathis


Whether it’s the regulars who frequent the place for their monthly purchases or new customers, their pickles seem to be one of the most popular buys here. From their fiery red chilli pickle {from Varanasi} to the flavourful mango pickle or even the garlic version {all in huge jars}, there’s quite a few to pick from. Oh, and sweet options like Apple Murabba and Amla Murabba! Missing the crunchy aloo pappad from back home? Well, go on and load up on packs of the snack here. Regional specials like urad badis, moong badis and makhana {lotus seeds} also find a place on their shelves.

Apart from pulses and freshly milled spices and condiments, what you can look out for at the store would be seasonal goodies. Think Mathis for the festive season as well as ingredients like Kotu {buckwheat flour} and Singhara {water chestnut} which are used during Navratri to make meals while fasting. Psst…also ask for digestive tablets or hajmola. So good and so useful!


If you stay within 4kms of the store, they’ll even have your order delivered to you.

 Photos: Abheet Anand/LBB