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Bring The Old World Charm Home From These 9 Antique Furniture Stores

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Tired of the same old standardised beds, tables and chairs? Then antique stores are the answer for you. Rare collectibles, antique furniture, music records amongst an endless list of artefacts awaits you at some of Bangalore’s best antique stores. Whether you are an antique collector or just an admirer, these stores are a must visit.

Bamboo Bazaar

Don’t be fooled by the name. There are perhaps just four shops in Bamboo Bazaar that exclusively deal in bamboo products. The rest of this 50-year old bazaar’s lanes are filled with shops selling all kinds of old and antique furniture here. Look hard enough, and you can score rosewood or teakwood furniture at dirt cheap prices. Being antiques, most of the pieces are unique so it might be the only one there. Be careful while picking furniture out owing to the sneakily hidden damaged pieces!

Balaji’s Antiques And Collectibles

Popularly known as “Rare”, BalajI's Antiques and Collectibles is Bengaluru’s oldest store dealing in antiques and collectables. The shop which started out selling gramophones is now home to one of the largest collections of antiques. One can find things as unique as a toy pistol from the 1950s, lighters from 1940s London, and authentic furniture from the 19th century. And you will end up finding amazing regardless of your budget.

Urban Magiq

Located next to Johnson Market, Urban Magiq is like walking into an ancient family home. Find furniture and decor from the late 19th century, Victorian, Colonial and Post Colonial type furniture. Whether it's a writing desk that helps you channel your Edgar Allen Poe, a reversible teakwood swing, vintage (advertisement) posters or coffee tables that turn into a chessboard, you're likely to find it. The real treasure lies in the attached storehouse - bullet casings turned into coffee tables and barbecue grills, and bedposts into coat hangers. There's really no end to the delightful surprises in store. 

The Qurio City Shop

Qurio City operated out of a beautiful little house but the number of treasures one could find in this dainty antique store is endless. From LP records with speeches of Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi to classic Phantom comics, this store has stuff for history buffs of any kind! Old radios, antique stamps, gramophones (in working condition), it's a real treasure trove. What’s more is that they even repurpose antiques, so, if you have any lying around collecting dust, they can help! 

Saanchi Antiques

Sanchi Antiques in Shanthi Nagar specialize in colonial furniture and antiquities for the most part. The three-storied store holds interactive sessions with antique lovers and collectors. Get on their mailing list and attend these sessions for free! The store has been set up like a house with a dedicated living room space, dining area and a kitchen. You’ll find beautiful chandeliers, antique spice boxes, and many other old-timey kitchen paraphernalia. They also have a small museum that displays prized collectables from the owner’s personal collection.

Asiatic Arts & Crafts

Crammed full of unique treasures, Asiatic Arts & Crafts is the most iconic decor store on a bustling Commercial Street. When we said never-before-seen unique, we mean at least for a couple generations because here you will find stuff like old railway lanterns, metal lunchboxes that your great grandfathers would’ve probably used, Victorian clocks usually found in railway stations in London, and gramophones. With each piece more alluring than the other, you are sure to land what your vintage heart seeks here.

Accurate Demolishers

This unassuming antique store with an equally unassuming name is a treasure trove of antique furniture and curios. You'll spend a considerable amount of time here given that there's something to discover in every nook and cranny of the store. You'll find chairs of all kinds -- director’s chairs, Parsons, rocking chairs and Chaise Lounges -- antique chandelier lights, decorative painted plates, old London-style streetlights, vintage radios and clocks, doors, and well, we say, you need to visit the place pronto. 


Artefacts is a store that deals with a whole lot of antiquities, vintage decor, and architectural pieces. You will find old vinyl records piled on top of Victorian chairs made from rosewood, and brass idols, door knockers, and statutes stores away inside beautifully carved cupboards and cabinets. You will also find a whole range of enamel crockery consisting of pots, pans, plates, bowls, and ladles, and Dutch plates. 

The Haveli

You will find some period furniture and antique collectables at The Haveli in Indiranagar. You can enquire and find out about traditional Indian vintage furniture, Victorian chairs, yesteryear sofas and rocking chairs along with Tanjore paintings made way back in the 17th and 18th centuries. Check out their collection of antique carved cabinets, bar stands and cupboards. 


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