Dropped Your Precious iPhone Again? This Store Specifically Caters To Apple Product Repairs

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iRepair is a store located in Koramangala and Whitefield that caters specifically to all your Apple products from MacBooks to iPhones.

No Time To Worry

iRepair has been in Bangalore for seven years now, with outlets also in Manipal, Hyderabad and Chennai. Plus, an online store. All their products have a lifetime warranty so you don’t need to worry about your precious {and super expensive} Apple merch. After all, you did sell your kidney to buy it, no? Whether your phone screen is shattered or you accidentally dropped some coffee on your Mac, iRepair has got you covered.

Along with quality parts, they’re also very time efficient, small damages take only about 45 minutes to repair. While the bigger problems range from a few hours to a day or two, at most. Most times, you’ll get your device back in 12 hours. They know how hard life is without your phone or laptop so leave it to these guys to fix it.

Range Of Products

What is also good about this service centre is that they have almost all parts to replace of any Apple product. Regardless of how bizarre your problem may be {my screen was totally cracked because I dumped my full suitcase on it!}, they try to sort it at once.

The price obviously varies depending on the damage or problem, but iPhone repairs are usually fixed under INR 1,000. What makes them stand out though is that they will try to repair your device, and not just convince you to buy a new one.


Using this service may make your official warranty void, and it may also make your Apple Care redundant.