Ten-Second Takeaway

Dive deep and reconnect with nature or up the adventure at Aqua Outback in Tuticorin. Here, gorgeous waves, coral reefs and lush mangrove forests await you. 

Pearl Port

Off the beaten track, Tuticorin {in Tamil Nadu} has never been on Bangalore’s list of favourite beach destinations. But a stay at Aqua Outback is sure to change that. An old port town, Tuticorin gained fame, centuries ago, as the ‘Pearl City’. This was because of its thriving economy that depended on pearl fishing. Today, it has transformed into a modern town but its rich history {it has been ruled by the Cholas, the Vijayanagar Empire, the Portuguese and many others in the past} remains intact. And is worth exploring from your base at Aqua Outback.

In The Outback

Aqua Outback is a lone shack that stands on the Coromandel Coast. Owner Arjun Motha has developed it as an exclusive experience for nature enthusiasts who believe in sustainable tourism. To ensure this, Aqua Outback offers only four rooms. So make sure you reach out to them at least a few weeks in advance. Once you get there, you can feast your eyes on the vast, blue sea, complete with coral reefs and mangroves. And around you, you’ll see salt pans {Tuticorin produces 90 per cent of the salt in Tamil Nadu} with flamingos cooling off in the shallow waters.

One Holiday Suits All


The best bit about Aqua Outback is that it suits everyone’s holiday goals perfectly. There’s a deck from where you can gaze at the sea, beer in hand {the property has no bar but you can BYOB}. There’s also a spa for massages that include sea salts and natural minerals. Skip into town to gaze at Tuticorin’s historical sites including the 16th century built Our Lady of Snow Basilica. Also, dive into the local bakeries to gorge on Tuticorin’s signature macarons and cakes. 

Calling Adventurists

Fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, kite surfing and biking {at an additional INR 1,000}, can all be a part of the itinerary here too. Apparently, this is one of the best angling destinations in India, barracudas and barramundi included as catch. Aqua Outback will provide the equipment and also guidance on your fishing trip and also for kayaking and snorkelling. For kite surfing, they just provide equipment not expertise. On snorkelling trips {the best time is between August and March}, you can swim past schools of colourful fish and coral reefs.

Aqua Outback also hosts Boot Camps {complete with nutrition advice} for those of you who are looking to get fit while working out by the blue, blue sea.

Photos source: Aqua Outback