Zen It Up: This Unique & Complex Art Will Appeal To The Strings Of Your Wall!

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What Makes It Awesome

Options to dress up the walls with pretty paintings or artefacts is good, but also done and dusted. Why not instead introduce them to an artform from the roaring 70s that is slowly regaining popularity? Here's a hint. It involves nails, more nails and a lot of cotton string. Okay, we're talking about string art. This particular way of artistic expression is usually associated with DIY where you get to create your own string art -- say, create an alphabet, word or an animal or shapes. Cute isn't it? Archelix Studio does the same for you but instead of making it cute, they make it edgy, zen-like and for the modern home!

Their use of string art is complex and sophisticated, this is because they craft to the forms and shapes of bezier curves -- basically stringing allows the lines of multiple curves to create a super dynamic and animated shape. We say this because the end result has a feeling of movement, the kind of ripple effect that puts you in a trance. You will have to take a look at these masterpieces, because we fail to do it justice in words! The precision in each piece is praise-worthy and we also love the use of just one colour to create each. 

Apart from bringing a certain unique quality to a space, these forms all bring a kind of zen and calm. All of Archelix Studio String Art comes in 17 inch by 17 inch all black frames (this also helps the colour pop). You can now make a purchase for your home or room on the LBB Shops. Prices start at INR 1,000.