Get Your Hunger Games On And Learn Archery At These Weekend Sessions

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Cupid may have not struck very well on Valentine’s Day, but here’s your chance to pick up where he left off – with a bow and arrow.

Hawk Eye

There’s something about archery that is cool, sexy and raw. Possibly the medieval vibes it brings, or because we’ve all grown up loving Hawk-Eye. For the younger ones, DC’s Arrow may have lots to do with this. But all in all, it’s a compelling sport – more so since you can only fight yourself on this. Have we hit the target in intriguing you? If yes, read on. If not, read on.

Taking Aim

Hosting weekend sessions that will get you hooked to the sport, has two-hour classes that will give you a basic understanding of the archery styles, the equipment used and how to score. Then you get to gear up {yup, it’s awesome!} with quiver et al, and then just let the arrows fly. And you won’t just be shooting aimlessly. The instructor will closely watch you to perfect your technique and help you aim correctly so as to hit the target {print your boss’s photo on a target sheet to ensure proper aim}. We tried this, and by the end of the two hours, while we had aching arms and shoulders, our accuracy improved from random spot about 100 metres off target to very near bulls-eye on most shots.

Apart from learning a new skill, it’s a rather good exercised. Your upper body is worked out, and of course, since you’re in a fight stance, the legs will be toned too. So, ready to unleash the Robin Hood in you?

Sign up for a session here.

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