Candles To Hand Knit Scarves: This Brand Is Your Winter Wish Come True

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What Makes It Awesome

A little bit of aromatherapy is just the perfect way to relax after a long day, isn’t it? Handmade candles have gained quite a bit of popularity and we love it. If you love candles as much as we do, then bookmark Armatuer. Armatuer, an online brand based out of Varanasi, was started by Shraddha Sareen as a means to make her hobby of candle making into her career. Find candles made out of soy wax in different scents that smell so good that you’ll want them all. Shop from their range of container candles in scents of roses, cedarwood, wildflowers, and Christmas/winter special - spiced chai. 

Their signature candles are hand-dipped candles which are made using the traditional candle making method. Find hand-dipped candles in the scents of lavender, pine, vintage rose, cacao, and berries to name a few. They also stock up on pillar candles as well that you can add to your living space. My absolute favourite though, is the Smell Of Old Books candle. Do check out their Christmas special candles and wooden trinkets on their website and place your orders with them. 

Apart from candles, they also showcase decor, furniture, and lamps to name a few made by local artisans from across the country. Find beautiful pieces of ceramic sourced from potter studios based out of Pondicherry, Delhi, Jharkhand, and Manipur. 

They have also added statement, earthy furniture to the website now. Pick from rattan racks, rustic log corner tables and vintage side tables. Or you know what? Pick all. They even have a limited range of pottery in the form of coffee and chai mugs and cups. 

Pro Tip

Their current Diwali collection is lovely! Called Anantaya, the range has pillar candles, tea lights, tapered ones, those embellished with shimmer and petals, as well as votives.