Roshni posted on 19th November

Raja Ravi Varma To MF Husain: Get A Dose Of Art At These Galleries In Town

While there are some of us who love restaurant-hopping and making most of the city’s endless options to have fun, we know there are others who couldn’t ask for anything more than a day at an art gallery, admiring artworks and interpreting their abstract hues. So, for all the art connoisseurs, here’s our list of art spaces in town.


National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)

Transformed from a residence into an art gallery, the National Gallery of Modern Art is known to house paintings by renowned artists like Raja Ravi Varma and Rabindranath Tagore as well as artworks by contemporary artists. From sculptures, Indian miniatures and works by post-independence artists, the NGMA has over 500 exhibits apart from regularly hosting national and international exhibitions. What’s more, they even organise engaging art-walks every once in a while {which we love}. On a less crowded day, you might even catch artists outside the gallery or in the quiet garden-space, busy with their sketchbooks.

 When: 10am-5pm (closed on Mondays and national holidays)

Mahua Art Gallery

Founded in 2002, Mahua Art Gallery is as much about promoting young, up and coming artists as it is about showcasing the works of popular artists. While its online gallery lets you take a peek into their current collections, it also helps art collectors across the country to gain easy access to Mahua’s displayed artworks.

When: 11am-7pm

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Step into the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath compound, and you might just be able to feel the creative, artsy vibes in the air. Housing the College of Fine Arts, thirteen museum galleries and five exhibition galleries, this place is very much an art lover’s haven.

When: 10am-6pm {closed on Sundays}


Sublime Galleria

Known to be India’s first sky gallery, Sublime Galleria is located on the bridge that connects two of the tallest buildings in UB City. Along with fine art pieces, works on photography and digital art also find a place in this exquisite space. If you’re a budding artist, we suggest you also keep a lookout for their workshops in art, music and theatre.

Gallery G

This progressive art gallery, founded in 2003, sources and displays works by emerging as well as established artists. With additional services like valuation, curating, acquisition and Artists’ Initiative Programme, Gallery G is perfect for the serious art enthusiasts and collectors out there.

Crimson Art Gallery

From paintings to photgraphs, Crimson’s range of artworks is bound to impress art aficionados. Featuring a huge list of artists from M F Husain to Murali Cheeroth, this classy gallery tries to portray the different styles and genres of Indian art. If you keep an eye out, you might even to take some of the paintings home at a pretty good rate.

1 Shanti Road

A not-for-profit art space founded by Suresh Jayaram {city-based visual artist and historian} in 2003, 1 Shanti Road gives emerging artists an opportunity to display their works without relying on a commercial gallery space. Apart from hosting artists from different parts of the world and showcasing their works, the studio/gallery also holds screenings, workshops and monthly talks.

Gallery Sumukha

Having begun in 1996, Gallery Sumukha exhibits contemporary artworks in varied forms, right from paintings to new-media installations and prints. This spacious gallery is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and display system to facilitate regular lectures and interactive sessions for the art students and enthusiasts in the city.

When: 10.30am-6pm {closed on Sundays}

Rangoli Metro Art Centre

Developed by Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation after the completion of the MG Road metro station, Rangoli Metro Art Centre is a unique cultural space for the city. Apart from play areas for kids, an auditorium and plenty of outdoor spaces, the place also incudes three art galleries where regular exhibitions are held.

When: 11am-7.30pm

Tasveer Gallery

Dedicated to the art of photography, Tasveer hosts exhibitions featuring a vast collection of images by emerging, established and international photographers. The gallery also has its own publication programme which includes a detailed catalogue and information about its exhibitions. And, much to our delight, Tasveer is one of the few South Asian galleries that has taken part in the reputed Paris Photo event.

When: 10am-6pm {closed on Sundays}

Gallery SKE

Having featured some of the most creative artists like Bharti Kher and Sheela Gowda, Gallery SKE believes in keeping up with the changing trends. When it comes to exhibitions featuring contemporary Indian art, this is definitely one space to look out for. Housed in a villa {built back in the 1870s, apparently} and surrounded by lush greenery, the place in itself has a charm of its own. Another remarkable aspect about Gallery SKE would be their T.A.J Residency and SKE Projects with artist Tara Kelton.

When: 11am-7pm {closed on Sundays & Tuesdays}

Venkatappa Gallery

Located in the Karnataka Government Museum, the Venkatappa Art Gallery is spread over two floors and holds over 600 paintings portraying the rich art and culture of the city. The paintings exhibited include some by K. Venkatappa {after whom the gallery is named, in fact}, such as ones depicting the beauty of Ooty Lake and Nilgiris. With halls dedicated to stone sculptures, pottery and clay articles and wood carvings, this is one art space where you can spend a whole day, admiring the exquisite works on display.

When: 10am-5pm {closed on Mondays}

Indian Cartoon Gallery

The Indian Institute of Cartoonists’ gallery was opened as an initiative to celebrate some of the best cartoonists in Indian such as Mario De Miranda as well as the lesser-known greats such as V. G. Narendra, B. G. Gujjarappa, and S. Sukumaran Potti. They regularly conduct exhibitions of contemporary artwork in cartoons by young artists.

Renaissance Gallerie

Opened in 1993, Renaissance Gallerie is one of Bangalore’s long-standing contemporary galleries that exhibits everything from a collection of sculptures to paintings by the famous to up-and-coming artists. The works of Sudip Roy and Manu Parekh have been featured at this gallery too!

Gallery Manora

A fine arts destination in Bangalore, Gallery Manora goes beyond just paintings and includes exhibitions that feature pottery, architecture, and photographs. Past exhibitions included a photography exhibition featuring the works of Prasant Godbole, Abhishek Dasgupta, Subrata Biswas, and Pallon Dharuwala.