Try Out This Homegrown Brand For Fresh Seasonal Fruit Jams And Homemade Ketchup

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What Makes It Awesome

Slather your toast with homemade, seasonal fruit jams from Arti’s. Gooseberry, plum, pineapple, strawberry and mango are just some of the flavours. Mayonnaise, homemade ketchup and pasta sauces are available too.

Keen on starting off her own food-related business, Arti Vineesh Kumar wanted to offer Bangalore something different. A YouTube video introduced her to the world of jam making about a year ago. Her first batch of strawberry jam was an instant success. And that’s how Arti’s Jams and Sauces came into being.

Run mostly through Facebook, Arti’s specialises in seasonal fruit jams. Right now, you can pick up jars of Gooseberry Jam that’s been spiced up with cardamom and cinnamon. Pineapple Jam is also on offer. Everything is made-to-order and if you like your jams to be on the sweeter side or want the spices to sing, then, just let them know and they’ll customise accordingly. Since all offerings are preservative free, you will need to consume these fairly quickly. The jams have a shelf life of about 90 days once you’ve pried open the bottle.

Arti’s Jams & Sauces delivers throughout India. And you can place your order through their FB page or by calling Arti. She encourages questions and you can get details on ingredients from her. Typically, your order will take around seven days to reach you.


Available through the year, their tomato ketchup is a bestseller too. You can order sizeable bottles that will last you a couple of months (the shelf life is 90 days). Eggless Mayonnaise and pasta sauces are also available during much of the year.