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Say Exoteaca: Artisanal Blends From This Local Brand Will Have You High On Tea

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Fancy some Moroccan mint, marigold or cranberries in your cup of tea? Man, we love the sound of this chai evolution, but wait, there's more where that came from, courtesy Exoteaca! This homegrown brand is making tea exciting in the way it looks and tastes. A little backstory, Exoteaca is the new extension of Bhankharia teas. This family has been sourcing, importing, exporting and retailing Indian teas for over 70 years now (so you know your cup is in safe hands). With Exoteaca they aim to introduce artisanal flavours concocted by them. 

    Get on to Exoteaca's Instagram page and you will get to see these teas in all their glory. We say it like we see it too -- vibrant blends in which you spot the ingredients pop. Be it moringa leaves and cinnamon sticks in the Detox Elixir or dried lemon, lemongrass and peppermint leaves in the Lemon Mojito, these teas are, you guessed it, exo-tea-c. Plus the test tube and see-through jute bag packaging helps you get excited about these concoctions.

    We love the sustainable branding of course, but it's the fact that we can see the ingredients in its whole form that makes us want to give this brand a go. We'll be ordering the Lavender White Tea and Cinnamon Orange Green Tea, for sure but you can pick anything you please from their range. Exoteaca also very kindly mentions the health benefits of every blend they offer. Prices start at INR 150 for the long test tubes (25 cups of tea). 


    Exoteaca ships pan India and have recently introduced gift hamper/boxes with everything from Cutting Chai Hampers to Stress Reliver Boxes. Identifying the growing love for their teas and for the sake of convenience Exoteaca teas are now available in tea bags to enjoy on the go. You can place your orders by hitting the "Message" button or WhatsApp them at 9821296240.

      Available Online