Wood Fired Pizzas and Barbecue at As On Fire Food Truck

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The newest food truck in town believes in wood-firing everything – from chicken wings to pizzas


Chicken Wings and VegetarianPizza or Barbeque Chicken Pizza with five toppings


There are no drinks on the menu. Not even water.

Winning for

Smokey flavours, generous portions (especially the pizza) and the goodness of freshly-made grub

What we ate

We caught As On Fire {Are you thinking what we are thinking about the double innuendo bit?} parked at 6th main in Indiranagar one Friday evening.  Founder Nishanth Rajkumar explains that more than the innuendo bit, the name needed to have the word “fire” in it as everything on the menu is wood fired. The menu comprises wholesome vegetarian pizzas with a choice of  three, five and seven toppings and those with special toppings such as Paneer Tikka, Chilli Chicken and Barbeque Chicken, Barbecued chicken wings, leg and drumsticks. The whole chicken wings we tried {made with Nishanth’s mother’s secret marinade made of Indian spices} were spicy and cooked right, with plenty of delicious, charred bits. What was really outstanding was the Veg Pizza with five toppings of topped jalapeños, mushrooms, pineapple, paneer and peppers. The wood fire oven gave the base a beautiful bite with slightly toasty edges and the veggies were not overcooked and still held a bit of a crunch.

The DL on the Ambience…

There isn’t really an ambience to be experienced at a food truck. But plenty of atmosphere and cheer can be created, which we thought was a bit lacking at As on Fire. The fact that the food was made absolutely fresh was a good thing {the flavours were great} and a not-so good thing {we endured mosquito bites and hunger pangs because of the wait period}. What is really interesting is that As On Fire has a huge wood fire oven built right in it, into which go the pizzas. We are also going back soon to try their Chocolate Pizza. Nishanth pairs up with fiancee Vindya Murthy and his dad Rajkumar R {who operates as cashier for the duo} to run As On Fire.

So we’re thinking…

The wood-fired pizzas are going to lure us back to As On Fire soon.