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    Chicken Martabak And Mee Goreng At Asian Delivery Service 48 East


    A new food delivery service, currently operating only out of Indiranagar, 48 East is all about pan-Asian dishes that steer clear of the usual Indian Chinese flavours. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

    Asia In A Box

    Thankfully, 48 East steers clear of the chicken Manchurians and the Hakka noodles of the world {Let the Idian Chinese restaurants do justice to those} and pitches everything from laksa and baos to dim sums and chocolate spring rolls. We settled for the Chicken Martabak, an Indonesian street-style stuffed pancake or paratha really with spicy chicken bits, a Chicken Mee Goreng, and a chilli fish with fried rice from their weekly rotating menu.

    The Martabak made for a nice snack and the chicken in it wasn’t too spicy either. TheMee Goreng came with two sticks of chicken satays, a boiled egg, and a slightly spicy noodles tossed with eggs, and veggies. We loved the thinner than usual noodles and the eggy bits tossed into it. The chicken satay was competent too, but the boiled egg had gone soggy by the time we opened our meal. The chilli fish though flavourful with the accompanying fried rice was definitely basa, so it didn’t excite us too much. When will food delivery service start serving other well deserving fish, rather than bland, dull basa?

    Are We Getting This Again?

    Actually depends. If we are craving curry laksa, nasee goreng and baos on a budget {prices are competent with the Fresh Menus of the world}, we’d hit up 48 East. But otherwise, we are sticking with our good old neighbourhood joint to satiate our greasy Chinese cravings. Next time we plan to try out their desserts too which looked slightly more exciting {coconut caramel custard, banana caramel pudding and chocolate spring rolls} than the usual Asian sweet treats available in restaurants like the sticky toffee banana.

    Check out their website here to order online

    Price: INR 150 upwards

    Timings: noon-3.30pm and 6.30-10.30pm

    Find them on Facebook here.

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