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Have You Tried The WPS Noodles With Chilli Coriander At Wok Paper Scissor Yet?

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Your evening snack or light dinner is sorted with Koramangala’s Wok Paper Scissors’ {WPS} affordable street style noodles cooked in a wok and bursting with Asian flavours.

Chow Down

WPS Noodles with Veggies and Chilli Basil and Chilli Coriander Sauce

Sip On


Winning For

Yummy noodles, the China boxes, the quick service, value for money, and the live wokitchen.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Located at the corner of Jyoti Nivas College road, WPS has an upstairs seating with minimal fuss and decor. If you are going with a crowd, you’ve enough place to sit. Otherwise, you can just sit near the tree that’s outside the restaurant and eat your noodles.

Wok Your Way

You are handed a small piece of paper with all the options while placing the order for either a small or large box. Simply tick the options in the paper and you are good to go. You can choose either rice or one of the four noodle options {WPS, Fresh, Udon, and Rice} as your base. The veggies are your usual options {onions, bell peppers, and the likes} but you can have add-ons such as Shitake mushrooms, chicken and prawns. The last step is choosing your sauce. They range from mild {teriyaki} to medium {Schezwan} to spicy {Chilli Coriander}. Once you are done, hand over the piece of paper to the chef and watch him cook it in front of you in a wok.

You can try some of their Signature bites such as Crispy Wasabi {weirdly sweet} and Crispy Wings {somewhat oily} or make a meal {Asian Corn + Coke}.

So, We Are Thinking..

A no-fuss and easy-on-the-wallet menu make this an instant hit with us. We are definitely going back for the Asian Corn.