Yoga, Martial Arts Or Music: There’s Much To Learn At The Aura Kalari Homestay

Aura Kalari

Chikkagubbi, Bangalore


A rustic hideaway just on the city limits, Aura Kalari brings fashion, yoga, martial arts and even pottery under one mud roof.

Live And Learn

Almost like a page out of the Vedas, Aura Kalari is actually a tree and mud hut homestay, just on the outskirts of the city. Built only three years ago, it’s perfect for anyone trying to escape the city life and reconnect with nature. And what’s lovelier is that you can learn a skill and spend some time in the rustic solitude of this place. You won’t even realise you’re just 15 kilometres from the mayhem of MG Road!

You can choose to stay at one of four bedrooms — a quiet room in the tree house which cuts you off from even the downstairs if you wish, two rooms in the mud house near a meditation mound, and one bed in the central area of the entire space, just near the calming Buddha’s stone.

Master Of Arts

Apart from just relaxing here with perhaps a pottery class or two, it’s also a very inspiring place to get into the fitness zone. And no, thankfully there’s no gym but plenty of room to practice yoga. In fact, since they’re a holistic centre, they frequently have residential or one-day workshops. Yoga is high on the list. But we really like that they have Kalaripayattu and archery sessions too. Great for those who want to get their health and fitness act but not in a conventional way — sharpens the mind and body. Double win.

Oh, there’s even pottery classes you can sign-up for. Or if you’re pre-skilled, this place is a haven to practice at – no disturbances, just inspiration.

Workshop Hut

Psst, it’s not all arts and culture though. Feel free to book out this place for a boisterous bachelorette party or for a fashion shoot {the trees and mud make for great backdrops!}. They’re happy to let out the place for most small-scale events. Music, storytelling and photography sessions can also be held here. Oh! And a cool barbecue in a rural set up.

Aura Kalari

Chikkagubbi, Bangalore